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Alpern  Alexander
General Director,, Moscow

Avdeev  Aleksandr
Head of the Obninsk City Administration, Obninsk

Aydeldinov  Aynur
CEO Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan

Abashkin  Anton
Manager, Corporate Finance, PwC, Moscow

Ablayev  Ildar
General Director, Tatar Academy of Management, Kazan

Abolmasov  Alexander
director NRG Private equity, Moscow

Abramov  Arthur
Government Relations Manager, OJSC Russian Venture Company, Moscow

Adamian  Maria
Director of the Students' Business Incubator at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Adylin  Pavel
Executive Director, Artezio, Moscow

Agamirzian  Igor
General Director, OJSC "Russian Venture Company", Moscow

Ageeva  Svetlana
Head of marketing and customer service department, Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange, Novosibirsk

Akhmetshin  Radik
Director, NO Elite Club of Corporate Behavior, Ekaterinburg

Akhpashev  Evgeny
Managing Consultant, BRANAN, Moscow

Akhunova  Renata
Deputy Head on commercialization, Zvorykinsky Project; Director, Global Innovation Access Bureau (USA), Moscow

Akimov  Vitaly
General director, StartupPoint, Moscow

Aleksandrova  Louisa
CEO, Saint-Petersburg Business-Angels Organization, St. Petersburg

Alexandrovskiy  Sergey
State university Higher school of economics , Nizhny Novgorod

Ananich  Marina
Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirsk

Andreev  Dmitry
Expert, Information Systems Development, Microsoft, Moscow

Andrianov  Dmitry
Founder, General Director, Prognoz Company, Perm

Andrianova  Nataliya
Nort-West Engineering Union, Inter-Regional Innovation Energy-efficient Technologies Agency, St. Petersburg

Andrusov  Andrey
Partner, BRANAN, Moscow

Antipov  Konstantin
Deputy General Director, CJSC IKT Group, Member of the Federal Council Working Group for Monitoring of 261-FZ, Moscow

Anufriev  Roman
Senior Expert in Investment Tools, Russian Venture Company, (RVC), Moscow

Artamonov  Anatoly
Governor of the Kaluga Region, Kaluga

Artushin  Andrey
Head of Entrepreneurship Development Department, Ministery of Economic Development of Kaluga Region,

Avdeev  Alexander
Director of Operations, INTEL Corporation, SSG, EMEA, Novosibirsk

Agarunov  Dmitry
Founder and Director Gameland, Moscow

Andreyuk  Denis

Abdullin  Ildar
Pro-rector for Research, Kazan National Research Technological Univesity, Kazan

Aristov  Igor
Vice-president, head of foreign economic relations department, The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chelyabinsk

Aganbegyan  Ruben
President MICEX Russia, Moscow

Aseikina  Yuliya
PR-manager, REO Sevice Managing Company of the First City Business-Incubator in Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg

Antipov  Yury
Head of tha laboratory, Institute og High Energy Physics, Moscow region, Protvino

Antropova  Yuliya
Head of Clinical Research Department of the Union Russia, China, India, RSA of the Company SANOFI AVENTIS,

Arzamastcev  Evgeny
Head of the medical toxicology Laboratory in the Scientific and Research Institute,

Anisimov  Victor
Manager, Management Consultant, Business-Analyst and Business Coach, Volgograd

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