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Annual Business Leaders Investment Forum

30 - 31 March 2011

Elgis Kachaev: Opening Plenary Session.

Kendrick White: Opening Plenary Session.

Kirill Bulatov: Government Support of Innovation Development.

Oleg Lysak: RUSNANO Initiatives in building Innovation Infrastructure.

Kirill Solovejchik: Government Support of Innovation Development in Saint-Petersburg.

Eric Maire: Government Support of Innovation Development .

Natalia Milchakova: Innovation Policy in the RF: Ways of Innovation Stimulation, Tax Policy Instruments, Normative-Legal Regulations.

Maksim Balanev: "Five steps to Export".

Kendrick White: The UK. 40 Years of Economic Modernization (part 1).

Kendrick White: The UK. 40 Years of Economic Modernization (part 2).

Sergey Voronkov: Communication Platform as a Governmental Programme of Innovation Support in Saint-Petersburg.

Elgis Kachaev: Round Table: Government Support of Innovation Development.

Gregg Robins: Round Table: Government Support of Innovation Development.

Vitaly Lazorin: Powering your R&D program with cloud technologies.

Andrey Kessel: Finance Sources for Innovation Projects Overview.

Eduard Fiyaksel: Problems concerned with the Investments into Small Innovation Companies – Practical Experience.

Natalya Starodubtseva: IPO of companies with a small, middle and large capitalization. Key questions on the way to listing.

Yuri Melnikov: European Grants for the Russian Innovations and Promotion on the European market.

Daniel Radchenko: Private Equity Investment Funds as a Source of Finance.

Elena Semykina: Investments Attraction Using MICEX Mechanisms.

Margarita Borodatova: Venture Funds. What is the key to success?

Kendrick White: Large-Scale Enterprise Modernization – using R&D Innovation to raise Company Valuation and attract Investment Capital.

Pekka Koponen: Transnational corporations and Russian Companies Collaboration in a sphere of R&D.

Valeriya Terentieva: Why is the Russian scientific and technical Potential is interesting in the world?

Questions & Answers.

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