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26 February 2009
Novosibirsk, BC GRINVICH Krasnoyarskaya str., 35
Press release
On February 26 Marchmont's regional project Business Leaders Investment Forum 2009 kicked off in Novosibirsk in the GRINVICH business center. The aim of the project was to support regional business in resolving financial problems under the current economic conditions.
The forum was organized under the official support of London Stock Exchange, Novosibirsk Administration and Novosibirsk Chamber of Commerce.
The forum official sponsor was international company Ernst & Young.
Among the forum sponsors are consulting company INTALEV (Novosibirsk), chain of men's Italian clothes boutiques UOMO Collezioni (Moscow) and Professional and Vending Machines, exclusive supplier of Saeco vending machines and professional coffee-machines in Russia.
Traditionally the forum kicked off with a plenary session where Vladimir Nikonov, Vice-Governor of Novosibirsk region welcomed everyone and spoke about the region's investment attractiveness expressing his special gratitude to the organisator for carrying out projects essential for development of Novosibirsk region. The forum sessions were preceded by Executive Director of Moscow-based East Kommerts Oleg Elshin's speech pointing out a problem common among many companies regarding debt crisis and ways out.
The first session of the forum was devoted to optimization strategies and business re-engineering in crisis. Recommendations were given by experienced consultants from international companies Ernst & Young, INTALEV and Marchmont Capital Partners.
The second session was practical where representatives of the real business sector shared their experience of handling the crisis by giving examples of their companies. Vyacheslav Piksaev, Director General of Novosibirsk-based National Post Company, spoke about unique opportunities for companies' development arising at crucial points of economy development. Director General of SAST Group of companies (Novosibirsk) Albert Volossky demonstrated implementation of business restructuring strategy basing on examples of running his own company. Tatiana Sokolnikova, Executive Director of interregional association Argument (Tomsk), spoke about successful implementation of growth strategies for B2B market in the time of crisis.
The second part of the forum was dedicated to the acute issue of attracting investment and sources of additional capital. Kendrick White, Managing Principal of Marchmont Capital Partners (Nizhny Novgorod), and Nikolay Badulin, Chairman of the board of FIBR Group (Tomsk), pointed out the importance of innovation economy development in the region. Consultants of Ernst & Young and CB Richard Ellis spoke about the impact of the financial crisis on company's opportunities.
The last forum session was focused on peculiarities of IPO and AIM. Igor Ladygin, Director of BKS Consulting (Novosibirsk), talked about special nature of private placement. Oleg Elshin, Executive Director of East Kommerts (Moscow), told the audience about real opportunities of AIM for Russian companies. Svetlana Ageeva, Head of Marketing department of SICEX (Novosibirsk), brought into focus attracting investment with stock exchange mechanism.
The event was rounded off by the buffet dinner where the guests and participants were able to mix up in an informal atmosphere. Overall, more than 80 people visited the forum, including directors and top managers of leading companies in Samara and the region, spokesmen for science organisations, experts of large international companies as well as representatives of influential regional media: GTRK Novosibirsk, Kontinent Sibir, Epigraph, Expert, Delovoy Kvartal and others.
The event organisation and content received a high appraisal from the participants and guests.

9.00 9.45 Registration, welcoming coffee

09.45 10.20 Plenary session

  • Introduction & welcoming Kendrick White, general directorMarchmont Capital Partners
  • Vladimir Nikonov, Vice-Governor, Administration of Novosibirsk region/confirmed
  • Boris Brusilovsky, President, Chamber of Commerce of Novosibirsk region/confirmed
  • Debt crisis: ways out Oleg Elshin, executive director East Kommerts, Moscow

10.20 12.00 Session 1: How to take advantage of the crisis to improve your company efficiency

  • HR strategies in crisis times: how to create an efficient team - Vitaly Saratovkin, president Centre SUPERKADRY, Novosibirsk
  • Maximizing enterprise value in deflationary environment - Kendrick White, general director Marchmont Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod
  • 5 anticrisis steps: forming an effective management strategy - Marina Gulyaeva, director INTALEV-Siberia, Novosibirsk
  • Restructuring of business processes to improve your company efficiency Sergey Zaborov - BAS Senior manager, Ernst & Young, , Moscow
  • Q&A Panel

12.00 12.20 Coffee-break

12.20 14.00 Session 2: Companies practical experience of restructuring and forming strategic partnerships

  • Case-study 1: Stepping into interregional market: new opportunities in crisis times Vyacheslav Piksayev, general director National post company, Novosibirsk
  • Case-study 2: Albert Volossky, general director SAST Group of companies, Novosibirsk
  • Case-study 3: Bond debt restructuring: how to manage your financial debt in crisis times - Andrey Aksenov, Financial director Group of companies TOP-Kniga, Novosibirsk
  • Case-study 4: Growth strategies for B2B market in the time of crisis Tatiana Sokolnikova, executive director, Argument, Tomsk
  • Q&A Panel

14.00 15.00 Lunch

15.00 16.15 Session 3: part 1: Sources of investment: From Start-ups to the Public Markets

  • Expansion financing in high technology Kendrick White, general director Marchmont Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod
  • Public private partnerships and real estate evaluation in the regions Elena Korotkova, senior consultant, CBRE, Moscow
  • Influence of financial crisis on attracting investment process Maxim Rikhter , TAS Manager, Ernst & Young, Moscow
  • Innovation system of Siberia investor`s point of view Nikolay Badulin, Chairman of the board, FIBR Group, Tomsk
  • Q&A Panel

16.15 16.30 Coffee-break

16.30 17.45 Session 3: part 2: Sources of investment: From Start-ups to the Public Markets

  • Private placement for a regional company Igor Ladygin, director BKS Consulting, Novosibirsk
  • AIM: myths and reality - Oleg Elshin, executive director East Kommerts, Moscow
  • Attracting investment with stock exchange mechanism - Svetlana Ageeva, Head of Marketing department, SICEX, Novosibirsk
  • Q&A Panel

18.00-21.00 Buffet dinner with champagne

Registration fee: 5000 rub. with VAT included
Corporate discount: 5-10% for over 2 participants from the same company

To register:
- Novosibirsk tel.: 8 923 145 5746
- N.Novgorod tel.: 8 (831) 419 45 65 (ext.141, 129)
- e-mail: and

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