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13 May 2013, 10:10

The US-Russia Innovation Corridor (USRIC) is now open!

American Councils for International Education announces:

Application season for the US-Russia Innovation Corridor (USRIC) is now open!

Russian start-up companies and leaders of innovative projects interested in exploring collaborations with U.S. partners and accessing incubation services and U.S. networks in their target industries are encouraged to apply here (

The US-Russia Innovation Corridor is housed at the Maryland International Incubator (MI2) and is affiliated with the University of Maryland. The resources of the Maryland International Incubator will be available to Russian participants, with the help of the USRIC staff. Professional and research networks within Maryland and other states/regions will be accessed in service to those projects that participate.

Physical presence in the U.S. is not required for projects to participate and support of USRIC by American Councils for International Education and the EURECA project helps to keep their costs minimal.

USRIC offers a spectrum of services and welcomes the participation of Russian start-up companies and innovative projects at any stage of development for the duration of 3 months or longer, depending on participants needs.

Companies and projects selected as USRIC participants will receive:

dedicated support of a Russian-speaking member of the USRIC staff

targeted support in business development and client/partner networking in relevant industries/research areas

assistance with registering as a business in the U.S., if desired

access to funding opportunities available through the State of Maryland or through investor

access to office space, facilities, meeting rooms and logistical support for visits.

USRIC does not take any equity. The aim of the program is to further research and commercialization collaborations which have the potential to accelerate success in business for Russian and U.S. partners. U.S. projects and companies interested in cooperating should contact USRIC directly to learn how. At this stage, project applications are being accepted from Russian entities only.

To learn more please visit, or access the application directly here.

Please direct written inquiries to:

The current selection round will close June 14, 2013 at 11:59PM EST.

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