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22 April 2013, 10:10

"Zhiguli valley" Technopark 7th Expert Council results.

On April 17 the 7th session of "Zhiguli valley" Technopark Expert Council was held, resulting in 14 new projects approval.

The session was chaired by Alexander Kobenko, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Samara region - the Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of the Samara region. Stanislav Kazarin, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Samara region - the Head of department of information technologies and communication of the Samara region, also took part in the work of the Expert Council, as well as the representatives of "Zhiguli valley" Technopark, large regional higher education institutions, well-known local and international companies, heads of IT companies of the Samara region.

For the first time in history of "Zhiguli valley" Technopark all projects, submitted to the Expert Council members consideration, were approved. Just according to the advance voting all 14 projects got more than 50% of votes.

As a result of voting three leaders, approved unanimously by the Expert Council members, were defined. One of them is the project "Development of information service "Electronic recipe" for filling out and sending the recipes to pharmacies in electronic form". It`s the second project of Technopark resident  "Ingoni " company. Besides, the projects "Creation and organization of essentially new nanocatalysts production for methanol receiving from natural gas" (JSC "Nanotechnologies for ecology") and "Development and commercialization of lateral wells multihole drilling systems with two communication facilities, including the advanced monitoring systems and navigation equipment to maintain the process of drilling" (JSC Samara horizons) got 100% of votes. All three projects have the federal scale and the state value for growth of national economy and standards of living.

Thus, Technopark will include 14 new projects and 11 new residents: 8 residents concerning "Information and telecommunication technologies" cluster, 3 residents concerning "Energy efficiency and energy saving", 2 projects belonging to "Transport and space technologies" and 1 project belonging to "Chemistry and new materials" cluster. The total value of these projects will make about 2 billion rubles. And the income for the first 5 years of projects implementation in Technopark will make about 3 billion rubles.

Following the session results the Expert Council chairman Alexander Kobenko noted the high level and quality of projects packing, as well as good growth rates of "Zhiguli valley" Technopark residents community. The success of Togliatti technopark project development is also confirmed by "Zhiguli valley" high rating upon the analysis of program implementation "The creation of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies in the Russian Federation", carried out by the Interdepartmental commission for coordination the creation, functioning and development of technoparks in the sphere of high technologies. Based on this analysis "Zhiguli valley" Technopark is referred to the category of the effective ones.

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