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27 March 2013, 10:10

3rd Russian Tech Tour, to Visit Moscow & Kazan, April 23-26

Geneva, March 27, 2013 The third Russian Tech Tour will be held April 23-26, 2013, in Moscow & Kazan. The travelling Russian Tech Tour highlights include: Skolkovo, Digital October, The Kremlin, IT-Park, presentations from the top 25 Russian technology companies, LP meetings, and the Kazan Venture Fair. The Russian Tech Tour will open with a gala dinner on-board the Radisson Royal Flotilla where the top 25 Russian technology companies will be revealed.

The Tech Tour is pleased to announce our Keynote speaker, Nikolai Nikiforov, Minister of Telecommunication and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. When the Russian Tech Tour first visited Moscow in 2004 to bring international investors to scout out regional tech start-ups the tech scene in Russia was really just starting up itself. Aynur Aydeldinov, of IVFRT, will serve as President of the third Russian Tech Tour and said that, Being an `entrepreneur` is finally being conceptualized by Russians and the Russian Federation is committed to growing and fostering a generation of skilled entrepreeurs. The last four years have marked a period of exponential growth for start-ups in various spheres of industry which have redefined the way investors see Russia.

Past presenting companies include: Yandex, Parallels, Acronis, ABBYY, Evernote, InfoWatch, and Alawar Entertainment.

2004 selected company Yandex`s valuation is now over $7 billion;

2004 selected company and Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner Parallels formerly SWSoft serves 5,000+ service providers and 12 million end-user customers in 125 countries;

2004 selected companies Acronis and ABBYY Software have both gone global with more than $100 million in revenue;

2009 selected company Evernote has 34 million users and a valuation of $1 billion;

2009 selected company InfoWatch an IT security leader is in Europe and the U.S. and has now expanded to South East Asia; and

2009 selected company Alawar Entertainment a leading international publisher and distributor of casual games increased its market value 4.5 times over a period of two and a half years, and received 3 million in Venture Round funding in 2010

The Selection Committee includes:

Elena Alexeeva, Softline

Roman Anufriev, Rusnano Vitaly Beliq SGCM

Pavel Bogdanov, Almaz Capital Partners

Damian Doberstein,

Serguey Eremin Microsoft

Oleg Evseev Indigo Capital

Bryan Feinstein Bessemer

Dmitry Galperin Runa Capital

Andrey Kazakov Foresight

Andrey Kulikov Fastlane Ventures

Oleg Kurchin, Troika Ventures

Peter Lukyanov, Skolkovo Foundation

Pavel Morozov, VTB Capital

Svetlana Nikiforova, Startobasa

Igor Ryabenky, Altair

Yan Ryazantsev RVC

Alexander Serebryakov Ingria Incubator

Oleg Seydak, FINAM Global Investment Fund

Alexey Solovyov, Prostor Capital

Igor Taber, Intel Capital

Michael Tsyngankov RVC

Leon Zilber, Russia Partners Management

About Tech Tour

Tech Tour was founded in Geneva in 1998 in response to the growing interest in emerging technology companies in European regions. Tech Tour is an organization composed of key contributors to the high technology industry. Tech Tour recognizes that continued prosperity in Europe lies in its ability to transform today`s innovative projects into tomorrow`s global technology leaders. For further information, please visit

Media contact:

Jaimie Guerra Tech Tour

+41 22 544 60 62

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