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Third Annual Business Leaders Investment Forum

22 - 23 July 2010
Moscow region
Press release

Place: Moscow Region, Zvenigorod, Volkovo village, Holiday House “Solnechnaya Polyana”

Day One - July 22nd, 2010
Applying Innovative Thinking to Improving Company Efficiency & Market Competitiveness

09:00 – 10:00 Registration, Welcoming Coffee

10:00 – 10:30 Opening Welcome & Program Introduction

  • Kendrick White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Nikolay Ostarkov, Managing Director, Delovaya Rossiya, Moscow,;
  • Evgeny Savin, Organizer: iCamp & BIT Competition; Founder, UNOVA Media,;
  • Patricia Cloherty, CEO, Delta Private Equity Partners, LLC, Moscow,;
  • Gregg Robins, Managing Director, Head of Wealth Management in Russia, UBS SA,;
  • Bernd Meyer, Consultant, EastWorld Consulting Ltd,

10:30 – 12:00 Session 1: Preparing the Foundation for Russia’s 21st Century Innovation Economy
Moderator: Kendrick White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,

  • Assessing Russia’s Competitive Advantages in a Globally Integrated Economy – Leading Examples to Follow: Kendrick White, Founder, Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Initiatives to support Entrepreneurship Education in Russian Universities: Eric Hansen, Vice President, The U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, Moscow,;
  • How to raise money on MICEX: Elina Yurina, Head of Project Office "Innovation & Investment Market", Senior Investment Manager, Investment Activity Department, the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, Project Director, The Independent Directors Association (IDA), Moscow,;
  • Long-term Growth Strategies for Russian Companies. AIM: Myths & Realities and Specific Examples: Oleg Elshin, Executive Director, Partner East Kommerts, Moscow,;
  • Modern Innovation Corporate Culture: Jon Hellevig, Co-Founder Partner-in-charge, Hellevig, Klein & Usov, Moscow,;
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Evgeny Savin: Evgeny Savin, Organizer: iCamp & BIT Competition; Founder, General Director, UNOVA Media,

Questions & Answers

Kendrick White Kendrick White
Eric Hansen Eric Hansen
Elina Yurina Elina Yurina
Oleg Elshin Oleg Elshin
Jon Hellevig Jon Hellevig
Evgeny Savin Evgeny Savin

12.00 – 12.30 Coffee-break / Press-briefing

12:30 – 14.00 Session 2: The Role of Innovation in Industrial Modernization
Moderator: Natalia Milchakova, Partner, PwC, Moscow

  • IP protection: Daniel Klein, Partner, Hellevig, Klein & Usov and Awara Group Company,,;
  • Innovation Activity of a large scale Business in Russia. Mechanisms, Barriers, Development Prospects: Natalia Milchakova, Partner, PwC, Moscow;
  • Different Finance Sources of the Innovation Projects:Andrey Kessel, Invest-Manager, Amadeus Capital, Great Britain, (Confirmed);
  • Best Russian-German Practices: Bernd Meyer, Consultant, EastWorld Consulting Ltd,;
  • Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Russia and the CIS: Alexander Galitsky, Managing Partner, Almaz Capital Partners, Russia~USA,;
  • Commercialization of Innovation in Universities: Denis Fomenkov, Associate Professor, NN Branch HSE, Nizhny Novgorod,

Questions & Answers

Daniel Klein Daniel Klein
Natalia Milchakova Natalia Milchakova
Andrey Kessel Andrey Kessel
Bernd Meyer Bernd Meyer
Alexander Galitsky Alexander Galitsky
Denis Fomenkov Denis Fomenkov

14:00 – 15:00 Networking Lunch (Restaurant, The Main Building of the Holiday House “Solnechnaya Polyana”)

15:00 – 16.30 Session 3: Innovation as a Driver for Improving Company Value & Attractiveness
Moderator: Mikhail Treyvish, President, OmniGrade, (Moscow, Vienne), CEO, Director, Asian Branch International Factors Group (Brussels), President, East European Factoring Association

  • Maximizing Enterprise Value by Investing into Production Modernization: Kendrick White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Tax Incentives to Invest into Innovation. International Experience: Natalia Milchakova, Partner, PwC, Moscow;
  • Forming an Efficient Marketing Strategy: Mikhail Treyvish, President, OmniGrade, (Moscow, Vienne), CEO, Director, Asian Branch International Factors Group (Brussels), President, East European Factoring Association,;
  • Business angels and innovative business. Ways of cooperation: Alexander Kashirin, Chairman, The National Union of Business Angels,;
  • Direct Investment: hitten problems: Vitaly Vinogradov, Partner, ALTHAUSE Capital, 

Questions & Answers 

Kendrick White Kendrick White
Natalia Milchakova Natalia Milchakova
Mikhail Treyvish Mikhail Treyvish
Alexander Kashirin Alexander Kashirin
Vitaly Vinogradov Vitaly Vinogradov

16.30 – 17.00 Coffee Break

17.00 – 18.30 Session 4: Alternative Investment Sources – Using Innovation to Attract Strategic Partners
Moderator: Evgeny Kassevin, Chairman and Founder, “kIfir” Club – Club of the Financial & Investment Markets’ Players

  • Innovation Projects Financing on Early Development Stages: Vitaly Lazorin, CEO, Novstream Constructive Solutions,; Expert, Russian PwC Technology & Innovation Center, Moscow,;
  • Private Equity Investment Funds as a Source of Finance: Daniel Radchenko, Head of Regional Projects, Russia Partners, Moscow,;
  • Innovation Projects Investment Attractiveness: Boris Dorin, Partner, BRANAN, Moscow;
  • Modern Opportunities of the RTS in Attracting Investment Capital to Finance Enterprise Innovation: Alexey Eliseev, Director, Development and Marketing, "Russian Trading System" Stock Exchange, Moscow,;
  • Investment Consultants-Advisors’ Role in Finance Raising Process: Evgeny Kassevin, Chairman and Founder, “Kifir” Club – Club of the Financial & Investment Markets’ Players, Moscow, 

Questions & Answers

Vitaly Lazorin Vitaly Lazorin
Daniel Radchenko Daniel Radchenko
Boris Dorin Boris Dorin
Alexey Eliseev Alexey Eliseev
Evgeny Kasevin Evgeny Kasevin

18.30 – 21.00 Cheese & Wine Reception  

Day Two – July 23rd
Attracting Investment Capital to Innovation Projects & Enterprise Modernization

09:00 – 10.00 Registration, Welcoming Coffee 

10:00 – 11:30 Session 1: Round Table: Regional investment Climate in the Moscow Region – Elements for Success
Moderator: Alexander Ermakov, Director, IT Decisions Implementation, Avenir Group of Companies, Moscow

  • Innovation Infrastructure Development in Nano Industry Applications: Anatoly Zaikin, Senior Expert, Infrastructure Programs, the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO), Moscow,;
  • How Government Support Influences Innovation Entrepreneurship: Alexey Kostrov, CEO, Agency for Innovation Entrepreneurship Development, Moscow,;
  • Svjatoslav Sedov, President, 2IP Venture Company,;
  • Business Incubator as an Instrument of the Successful Business Development: Maria Adamian, Director, Business Incubator, SU HSE, Moscow,;
  • Innovative Firms require real-time and correct financial Information: Alexander Ermakov, Director, IT Decisions Implementation, Avenir Group of Companies, Moscow, 

Questions and answers

Anatoly Zaikin Anatoly Zaikin
Alexey Kostrov Alexey Kostrov
Svjatoslav Sedov Svjatoslav Sedov
Maria Adamian Maria Adamian
Alexander Ermakov Alexander Ermakov

11:30 – 12:00 Coffee Break

12:00 – 13:30 Session 2: Round Table: Case Studies – Modernization through Innovations
Moderator: Mariya Adamyan, Director, Business Incubator SU HSE, Moscow

Opening Remarks

  • Case Study 1: Andrey Kessel – InvestManager Amadeus Capital Fund, UK,;
  • Case Study 2: Peter Nemoy, General Director, Trend Laboratory Teatrika, Saint-Petersburg,;
  • Case study 3: Alexey Ivchenko, Area Manager, Russia and CIS, Moscow Representative Office, Merloni Progetti S.p.A;
  • Case study 4: Michail Denisov, Marketing and promotion specialist,, Nizhny Novgorod,;
  • Case Study 5: Dmitry Sidorov, Director, “Synthetic Crystals” Group of Companies, Nizhny Novgorod,

Conclusions & Remarks
Questions & Answers

Andrey Kessel Andrey Kessel
Peter Nemoy Peter Nemoy
Alexey Ivchenko Alexey Ivchenko
Michail Denisov Michail Denisov
Dmitry Sidorov Dmitry Sidorov

13:30 – 14:30 Networking Lunch 

14:30 – 16:00 Session 3: Round Table: Practical Local Experience in Developing Innovation Projects
Moderator: Evgeny Savin, Organizer: iCamp & BIT Competition; Founder, General Director, UNOVA Media,

  • Investments into Innovation – Problems & Solutions:Evgeny Bokov, Director of Association of business-angels "Start invest",;
  • Innovation marketing: New Russian Reality: Tatiana Komissarova, Cand. Sc., Head of "Marketing Innovation" HSE, Moscow,
  • Brand Innovation Strategic Development: Sergey Mitrofanov, CEO Brandflight Moscow,;
  • Development of Business Communities in Russia: Renat Garipov, Peter Tatischev, Greenfield Project, Moscow,;
  • History of one Russian IT – Start-up, Artezio company: Pavel Adylin, Executive Director, Artezio, Moscow, 

Questions & Answers

Evgeny Bokov Evgeny Bokov
Tatiana Komissarova Tatiana Komissarova
Sergey Mitrofanov Sergey Mitrofanov
Renat Garipov Renat Garipov
Peter  Tatischev Peter Tatischev
Pavel Adylin Pavel Adylin

16:00 – 16:30 CoffeeBreak

16:30 – 18:00 Session 4: Round Table: Investments into Technologies & Innovation – Barriers & Solutions
Moderator:Kendrick White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod

  • Business Angels Experience – from Silicon Valley to Present Times: Kendrick White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod,;
  • How to Commercialize Transformational Technologies from Russia: Martti Vallila, Founder at Fuzzy Chip LLC., Founder at HeywusUSA, Managing Director at Buddha Biopharma OY Ltd., Owner at Virtual Pro Inc., President at Virtual Pro Inc.;
  • Experience and Program of Development of the New Innovation Projects: Andrey Golovin, Founder, “Nachinay” movement,, Partner;
  • Construction of the holding structure of high-tech companies to attract investment: Sergey Gerasimov, Partner, ALTHAUS Capital,; 
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Martti Vallila Martti Vallila
Andrey Golovin Andrey Golovin
Sergey Gerasimov Sergey Gerasimov

Closing Remarks 

19.00 – 21.00 Networking, Closing Cocktail Reception

- tel. in N.Novgorod: (831) 419 45 65 (ext.120)

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