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Annual Business Leaders Investment Forum

20 - 21 July 2011
Press release

Official Venue: Institute for Contemporary Development (Delegatskaya str., 7, building 1, Moscow),

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July 20, 2011 

9.00 – 10.00 Registration, Morning Coffee

10.00 – 11.00 Opening Plenary Session

  • Anton Viktorovich Danilov-Danilyan, Vice-President, Chairman of the Federal Intersectoral Council “Delovaya Rossia”,;
  • Sergey Viktorovich Lozinsky, Director, Strategy Partners Group, Moscow,;
  • Kendrick Davis White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Georgiy Aleksandrovich Belozerov, Chairman, All-Russian Non-Governmental Organisation “Russian management community of participants of The Programme on Training Managers and Executives - RUS”,;
  • Alexey Victorovich Kostrov, Executive Director of the National business-angels association, Executive Director of the Foundation of encouraging venture investments in small size enterprises development, Moscow,,;
  • Gregg Scott Robins, UBS Head of Wealth Management in Russia,;
  • Julia Kulagina, Head of RF Representation, Moscow Office, the U.S.-Russia Business Council (USRBC),
  • Chris Gilbert,  Head of the Branch Office (Russia Director), The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC), Moscow,;
  • Sammy (Manoj) Kotwani, President, Indian Business Alliance, Moscow,
Anton Danilov-Danilyan Anton Danilov-Danilyan
Sergey Lozinsky Sergey Lozinsky
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Georgiy Belozerov Georgiy Belozerov
Alexey Kostrov Alexey Kostrov
Gregg Scott Robins Gregg Scott Robins
Julia Kulagina Julia Kulagina
Chris Gilbert Chris Gilbert
Sammy Kotwani Sammy Kotwani

11.00 – 12.30 Session 1: Round Table: Government Support of Entrepreneurial Innovation Development (Big Hall) 

Moderator: Ilya Vladimirovich Ponomarev, State Duma Deputy, Moscow

Topics for discussion:

  • Government Support of Innovation Development 
  • Innovation Policy in the RF: Ways of Innovation Stimulation, Tax Policy Instruments, Normative-Legal Regulations
  • Russian Venture Company Initiatives in a sphere of Innovation-Venture Ecosystem
  • University of Technology as a Central Element of “Skolkovo” Ecosystem
  • The UK. 40 Years of Economic Modernization

Invited VIP-experts:

  • Aleksey Yur'evich Sitnikov, Director of International Development Department of Skolkovo Foundation,;
  • Yan Vladimirovich Ryazantsev, Director, Investments Department, OJSC “Russian Venture Company”, Moscow,;
  • Aleksey Vladimirovich Novoseltsev, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Director, The National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscowv,;
  • Natalia Milchakova, Partner, Tax Services Technology, PwC, Moscow,;
  • Andrey Viktorovich Shpilenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OJSC Technopark “Systema-Sarov”,; Director, Non-Commercial Partnership “High Tech Technoparks Association”;
  • Kendrick Davis White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Yulin Chang, First Secretary, Economic Division, Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic & Cultural Coordination Commission (TMECCC),
Ilya Ponomarev Ilya Ponomarev
Aleksey Sitnikov Aleksey Sitnikov
Yan Ryazantsev Yan Ryazantsev
Alexey Novoseltsev Alexey Novoseltsev
Natalia Milchakova Natalia Milchakova
Andrey Shpilenko Andrey Shpilenko
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Yulin Chang Yulin Chang

12.30 – 13.30 Networking Coffee and Tea

13.30 – 15.15 Session 2: Venture Capital Investment Experience in High Energy Entrepreneurial Ideas
Moderator: Svjatoslav Sedov, President, 2IP Venture Company,; Co-founder at IPOboard - Private Equity & Venture Capital Exchange on MICEX (Moscow Stock Exchange)

Topics for discussion:

  • Early Stage Financing: Investments Attraction in Innovation Projects
  • Investment Success Stories
  • Problems concerned with the Investments into Small Innovation Companies – Practical Experience
  • Private Equity Investment Funds as a Source of Finance
  • IPO of companies with a small, middle and large capitalization. Key questions on the way to listing

Invited experts:

  • Alexander Vladimirovich Galitsky, Managing Partner, Almaz Capital Partners, Russia~USA,;
  • Ivan Dmitrieviñh Nechaev, Board Member, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Russian Navigation Technologies, Member of the Management Board of Russian Venture Company Seed Fund, One of ideologists of AutoTracker, Moscow,;
  • Macy Coffey, Partner, Capital Markets Group, PwC, Moscow,;
  • Maarten van den Belt, CEO, Wermuth Asset Management GmbH (WAM),;
  • Oleg Dyachenko, Member of the board of directors & investment committee, CJSC MC "Sberinvest", Moscow
Svjatoslav Sedov Svjatoslav Sedov
Alexander Galitsky Alexander Galitsky
Nikolay Mityushin Nikolay Mityushin
Ivan Nechaev Ivan Nechaev
Macy Coffey Macy Coffey
Maarten van den Belt Maarten van den Belt
Oleg Dyachenko Oleg Dyachenko

15.15 - 16.00 Networking Coffee and Tea

16.00 - 18.00 Session 3: International Experience in building connections between Large Corporations and Innovation Researchers (Big Hall)  
Moderator: Yury Barzov, Founder Good2Work, Moscow,

Topics for discussion:

  • Large-Scale Enterprise Modernization – using R&D Innovation to raise Company Valuation and attract Investment Capital
  • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Report
  • Management Training Features for realization of Innovation Corporate Development Program
  • Corporate support of the University R&D Laboratories
  • Why is the Russian scientific and technical Potential is interesting in the world? 
  • Innovation and branding: How to sell technologies
  • The Role of Business-Angels in linking Innovators and Corporate R&D Scientists
  • Transnational corporations and Russian Companies Collaboration in a sphere of R&D

Invited experts:

  • Kendrick Davis White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Hans Schwendner, Head of CONINTEC, Germany,;
  • Sergey Mitrofanov, CEO Brandflight Moscow,;
  • Victor Aleksandrovich Bykov, General Director NT-MDT, Moscow,;
  • Vladislav Shershulsky, Russia Standards and Interoperability Lead at Microsoft Russia,;
  • Dmitry Pavlovich Korotkov, Senior Councilor, International Integration Department, The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation,;
  • Andrey Borisovich Zyuzin, Development Director, Cisco Systems, Moscow,
  • Andre Kotlarevsky, DuPont Science and Technologies LLC, Moscow,
Yury Barzov Yury Barzov
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Hans Schwendner Hans Schwendner
Sergey Mitrofanov Sergey Mitrofanov
Victor Bykov Victor Bykov
Vladislav Shershulsky Vladislav Shershulsky
Dmitry Korotkov Dmitry Korotkov
Andrey Zyuzin Andrey Zyuzin
Andre Kotlyarevsky Andre Kotlyarevsky

18.00 - 20.00 Wine & Cheese Reception for all Participants 

July 21, 2011

09.00 – 10.00 Registration, Morning Coffee

10.00 – 12.00 Workshop: Commercialization of Entrepreneurial Innovation. Market Driven Science (Big Hall)
Moderator: Sergey Maratovich Guriev, Rector, The New Economic School,

Topics for discussion:

  • The role of the Modern Universities. Success stories in commercialization of innovation projects from regional Universities
  • High-tech Companies’ and Universities’ Cooperation in the area of Creating Innovative Production 
  • Commercialization of entrepreneurial innovation. Bridging the gap between innovator and managers
  • Proof of Concept Centers Operations. How can they work in Russia?
  • Entrepreneurship Centers on a base of High Schools as a bridge between Science and Business Community
  • Ways of effective collaboration between regional leaders in innovation activity and federal investors

Invited speakers and experts:

  • Vladimir Glebovich Zinov, Doctor of Sc., Economics, Professor, Innovation-Technological Business Department, The Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow,;
  • Kendrick Davis White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Andrei Nikolaevich Kolesnikov, Head of Monitoring and Collaboration between Educational Organizations and Business Companies Analysis Department, Centre For Science Research and Statistics, Moscow,;
  • Vadim Yurevich Mankov, Organizer of “BIT South” Contest and Caspian Innovation Forum, Head, Science Department, Astrakhan State Technical University,;
  • Stepan Vladimirovich Khachin, Director, The Institute of Engineering Enterprise TSU, Tomsk,;
  • Igor Viktorovich Kravchenko, General Director, OJSC "Agency of Regional Development", Chelyabinsk;
  • Tatiana Alekseevna Komissarova, Dean, Higher School of Marketing and Business Development, the National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Partner at "Solution tree", Moscow,;
  • Anton Potapov, General director at Technopark "Ingria", Saint-Petersburg,;
  • Yury Aleksandrovich Varfolomeev, Prorector on Innovation Development, Northern (Arctic) Federal University,  Honoured Science Worker of the RF,;
  • Valery Sergeevich Korolev, Director, Innovation Development Center of Rostov Regional Administration,;
  • Andrey Khusid, General Director of I&I Group, CEO of Perm Regional Branch “Delovaya Rossiya”, Perm,
Sergey Guriev Sergey Guriev
Vladimir Zinov Vladimir Zinov
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Andrey Kolesnikov Andrey Kolesnikov
Vadim Mankov Vadim Mankov
Stepan Khachin Stepan Khachin
Igor Kravchenko Igor Kravchenko
Tatiana Komissarova Tatiana Komissarova
Anton Potapov Anton Potapov
Yury Varfolomeev Yury Varfolomeev
Valery Korolev Valery Korolev
Andrey Khusid Andrey Khusid

12.00 – 12.45 Coffee and Tea

12.45 – 14.45 Workshop: Best Practices in Innovation Cluster Development
Moderator: Alexey Germanovich, Public Project Director, Professor of practice, Moscow school of Management SKOLKOVO, Moscow,   

Topics for discussion:

  • Best Practices in Innovation Cluster Development
  • Yaroslavl Roadmap 10-15-20: 10 years on way, 15 steps, 20 cautions
  • Regional Innovation Systems Development
  • IP Protection: Global Best Practices Applied in Russia. Ways of IP protection. Patent protection strategies
  • Innovation Infrastructure Development in Nano Industry Applications
  • Special Economic Zone – Infrastructure Government Project on Innovation
  • Successful Practical Experience in Innovation 
  • Support and Capitalization of Effective Management Competencies and New Technologies
  • Technopark as an Infrastructure Complex for Innovation Development
  • Successful Practical Experience in Innovation
  • Support and Capitalization of the effective management competences
  • The role of Business Education in preparing Venture Managers

Invited speakers and experts:

  • Kendrick Davis White, Founder & Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners,;
  • Rakhimdzhan Akhmetzhanovich Roziev, Director, Innovation Company “Medbiopharm”, Obninsk,;
  • Artour Baganov, CEO of Global TechInnovations, the Managing Director to Microsoft Russia Seed Fund and the Board Director of Russian Venture Company InfraFund, Moscow; 
  • Andrey Andrusov, Partner, BRANAN, Moscow,;
  • Anatoliy Zaikin, Senior Expert for the Infrastructure Programs RUSNANO, Moscow,;
  • Anastasia Nikolaevna Tyurina, Representative in Russia, Russia Innovation Collaboration (Boston, USA),;
  • Benni Briskin, Director, Israel Innovation Center (IIC),;
  • Bogdan Malashenko, Project Manager, EastWorld Consulting Ltd., Moscow,
Alexey Germanovich Alexey Germanovich
Kendrick White Kendrick White
Rakhimdzhan Roziev Rakhimdzhan Roziev
Artour Baganov Artour Baganov
Andrey Andrusov Andrey Andrusov
Anatoly Zaikin Anatoly Zaikin
Anastasiya Tyurina Anastasiya Tyurina
Benni Briskin Benni Briskin
Bogdan Malashenko Bogdan Malashenko

14.45 – 15.30 Networking Coffee and Tea

15.30 – 17.30 Workshop: Innovators Support Programs (Big Hall)
Moderator: Renata Akhunova, Deputy Head on commercialization, Zvorykinsky Project,; Director, Global Innovation Access Bureau, USA

  • Zvorykinsky Project
  • Greenfield Project
  • Webinar
  • East-West Digital News 
  • Startup Afisha - russian entrepreneurs' hub

Invited speakers and experts:

Renata Akhunova Renata Akhunova
Mikhail Korneev Mikhail Korneev
Alena Popova Alena Popova
Alexander Alpern Alexander Alpern
Adrien Henni Adrien Henni
Kendrick White Kendrick White

Closing remarks

17.30 - 19.00 Wine & Cheese Reception for all Participants

On the 21 of July, 20:00 – 00:00 a Closing Gala-Dinner will be held in the Radio City Restaurant in the Pekin Hotel, 5 B. Sadovaya St, Ìîscow.
Entrance Fee – 1 000 rub. (by cash) 
Fourshet, Concert with the participation of theatre and cinema actors, Lakuzo Fasion Show, lottery. 
During this Dinner you will be able to communicate in a pleasant atmosphere and discuss Forum results. 

Registration fee:  15000 rubles incl. VAT

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