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Successful growth and investment strategies
26 June 2008
Krasnodar Business center "Kavkaz"
Press release
Upcoming Conferences in 2008:

 Novosibirsk: 24 April
 Nizhny Novgorod: 29 May
 Krasnodar: 26 June
 Ekaterinburg: 24 July
 Samara: 25 September
 (Krasnoyarsk): 23 October
 Rostov-on-Don: 27 November

Conference agenda:

 Case study presentations: successful regional enterprises and their approach to finance raising, national and international growth
 How to lay the right foundation for business development
  Regional development strategies used to promote investments into Russia’s high tech and innovation sectors
 Business angels and their role
 Practical applications of finance engineering strategies used to attract growth financing for industrial enterprises
 Presentation of MARCHMONT Investment Guide in your region.
Among the conference participants are top managers of the leading companies, government authorities, scientific institutions as well as experts of large international organizations. JOIN US!

One-day workshop includes lunch, champagne buffet dinner, 4500 rur

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