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MARCHMONT Business LAB 2012
12 - 14 September 2012
Vitaly Vinogradov
Co-founder and general director of i-Accelerator, deputy director of Innovation Center of Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Lawyer (civil law specialization) with more than 10 years of experience in international consulting (a Big4 company), companies of Russian electric power industry, financial sphere (corporate secretary of a major bank) and private equity (corporate secretary / director in charge of corporate governance of a Western private equity fund). Vitaly has an extensive experience of holding seminars and workshops on corporate law and corporate governance; articles on professional topics in leading publications. Author of a practical guide to investment M&A deals structuring. Member of the Working group on expertise and development of corporate legislation of the National council of corporate governance (NSKU). Speaks Russian, English and German. Specialization areas – corporate law and governance, contract law, employment law, M&A deals structuring, due diligence, etc.
Andrey Shpilenko
Director, Non-Commercial Partnership "High Tech Technoparks Association", Moscow
Education: 1997, St. Petersburg Higher Military Command School; 2005, Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. Work-experience: Period: 12.2009 to present - Organization: CJSC "Technopark" Sarov " - Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors; Period: 08.2010 to present - Organization: Foundation for Development of conversion plants - Position: Chairman of the Board of management; Period: 03.2011 to present - Organization: NAO "Youth Innovation Centre "Sistema-Sarov" - Position: Chairman of the Board of management.
Kendrick White
General director, Managing Principal, MARCHMONT Capital Partners, Nizhny Novgorod
Mr. Kendrick D. White (49) has over 20 years of professional investment experience in Russia and is the founder and CEO of Marchmont Capital Partners, LLC, an investment advisory & holding company formed in 2005, based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Since its founding, Mr. White has used Marchmont as a platform from which to leverage his unique experience as a former PWC advisor on SME development to the Russian government in the 1990’s, and subsequent successful VC investment track record through 2005 as the Director of the EBRD’s $50.0 Mio Central Russia Regional Venture Fund, (CR-RVF), which ultimately generated substantial returns for the Fund’s investors. Based on this experience, Mr. White has focused Marchmont’s resources on identifying new high tech investment projects and developing their commercial viability in the areas of medical diagnostic devices, clean technologies, new materials chemistry, space & IT, FMCG preventative nutritional supplements, and micro electronics. Mr. White is a member of the Start Invest business angel club in Nizhny Novgorod, and has built a portfolio including the companies Super Position & Cascade, which are both currently active residents in the Skolkovo Space cluster. In recognition of Mr. White’s unique experience in technology investing, he was invited in 2006 to join as an advisor the “Innovation Council for High Technologies” (ICHT), a bilateral US Russia council initiated by Presidents Putin and Bush. In 2010, Mr. White was invited to join the successor to the ICHT, the “Innovation Working Group”, (IWG), which is a part of the US Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission, where he is developing strategy proposals for the creation of university Proof of Concept (POC), commercial viability assessment & packaging centers. In 2010, Mr. White was also invited to join the “RVC Expert Council” as an advisor on developing new high tech commercialization methods. Currently, Mr. White is developing a new generation POC/innovation commercialization center, jointly with the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, to be called the “Marchmont-UNN Venture LAB”. The Venture Lab will focus on assisting University authors in identifying the specific commercial applications for their new technology initiatives, and then “packaging” the most viable for further development & Start-Up by Accelerator programs. The Venture LAB has been designed as a working example POC to be replicated in other provincial innovation clusters. Since Marchmont’s formation, Mr. White has focused his media, events and consulting activities on the development of a regional network of over 100 formal & informal partnerships located across the country, which include six of the country’s top national research universities as well as ten of the top High-Tech techno parks. This network also includes formal media partnerships with key infrastructure development agencies such as the RVC, Rusnano and Skolkovo as well as numerous investment funds, accelerators, R&D labs, incubators, admin support agencies, as well as internationally recognized individual experts, coaches & mentors. In support of these goals, Mr. White initiated several innovative media programs. In 2007 & 2008, he published nine “Marchmont Investment Guide to Russia” full color glossy journals which were distributed to over 20,000 investment professionals in Russia, the EU & US. Following this, in 2008 Marchmont launched the & websites covering innovation discovery & commercialization news from across Russia, aimed at technology and investment experts. Currently, the sites attract over 10,000 unique daily visitors, and include archives of over 18,000 stories, news clips, blogs, interviews & videos – all available in both English & Russian, fully searchable by sector & region, and downloadable for subscribers. In 2007 Marchmont launched a series of Business Leaders Investment Forums, which ran monthly across Russia through 2011, promoting new innovation development tools such as angel clubs, incubators and accelerators to local community leaders. Marchmont followed this by launching a new Business LAB three day Master Class program in 2012, delivered to 11 of Russia’s top High Tech Techno Parks, providing unique training for local innovation leaders on how to set up a POC and the role it could play in stimulating local innovation commercialization efforts. In this effort, Marchmont was a pioneer in organizing over 50 large scale events across the Russian Federation between 2007-2012, which included up to 60 expert speakers and over 150 participants on average per event. This unprecedented initiative attracted the RVC to join Marchmont as its General Partner in the event series from 2010 - 2012, and allowed Mr. White to build a unique national network of Moscow based experts together with local community leaders across the RF. Based on Marchmont’s unique proprietary contact network and reputation, the company launched in 2012 the weekly Marchmont PULSE newsletter to its global subscriber database of over 20,000 contacts. The newsletter highlights the week’s recent stories, blogs, events and partner’s news as well as a weekly in depth research article on a new emerging technology success story. Prior to forming Marchmont, between 1998 to 2005, Mr. White was the Director of the EBRD’s CR RVF, where he led the development of several key investment projects including Nizhpharm, now part of the STADA Group, Bridgetown Foods, a top FMCG snack food producer, and Multiflex, a leading flexible packaging producer in Russia. Other co-investments made by Mr. White and the CR RVF team included: Nature Products, ROC fish products, ERA Trading, Speech Technology Center, Deseigni, Pekar baked goods, Morion quartz oscillators, Cybiko, and Parnas M meat. Between 1995-1998, Mr. White worked for PWC, where he was seconded as a corporate finance and M&A expert and Senior Advisor to the Russian Privatization Center (RPC) and its local Nizhny Novgorod branch. Mr. White was responsible for training 22 Russian consultants in three provincial regions of Central Russia on the development of a self sustainable investment consulting center for SME businesses seeking market expansion. The RPC center achieved its goals by generating over $1.0 Mio in local client fee income in 1998, and was considered one of the few RPC programs to achieve all of its stated self sufficiency objectives. Between 1992 and 1995, Mr. White worked as an advisor to the Nizhny Novgorod based “EPI center” think tank, where he initiated post privatization SME development programs. At this time, Mr. White established one of Russia’s first training centers dedicated to emerging entrepreneurs, resulting in numerous new company formations and helping to establish the region as a leader in Russia’s young economic reform process and its conversion from a Command Economy to a market driven system. Mr. White is a member of the Independent Directors Association, (IDA), and Marchmont also holds formal membership in the US Russia Business Council (USRBC), the Russo British Chamber of Commerce, (RBCC) as well as many other regional Russian Trade and Commerce Associations. Mr. White is also a frequent guest lecturer at various Russian universities, including the Higher School of Economics, (HSE) on the topics of pre-seed and early stage Start Up investing, and Venture Management, as well as case studies in PE & CF management practices. Prior to arriving in Russia, Mr. White worked from 1985-1992 at ABN/Amro LaSalle Bank, in Chicago, IL, in various management positions in Strategic Planning, Cash Mgt and M&A. Mr. White holds an MBA in Finance & Int’l Business from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management (1990), Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, and a BA degree in International Economics from Stetson University (1985), DeLand, FL. Mr. White is a fluent Russian speaker and has lived full time in the city of Nizhny Novgorod since 1992, together with his wife and two children. Mr. White enjoys reading science & fiction, psychology and economics, and loves hiking, biking, boating, horses, table tennis and global travel.
Peter Nemoy
Business consultant, General Director, Trend Laboratory Teatrika, St. Petersburg
Theater director & actor, teacher, systems analyst, business consultant, philosopher, theorist and theater practitioner. Founder & artistic director of the laboratory studies of game structures "Teatrika". He is the author of numerous works in theater and on television. An expert in the field of innovative creative technologies, a developer of educational programs in the sphere of management strategies for top managers and business owners
Mikhail Treyvish
President, OmniGrade, (Moscow, Vienne), CEO, Director, Asian Branch International Factors Group (Brussels), President, East European Factoring Association , Moscow, Vienne, Brussels
Chairman of the Management Board of National Factoring Company President of The East European Factoring Association (EEFA) Member of IFG`s board of directors Chairman of IFG Born in 1971 Michael Treivish graduated from Moscow State Aviation Institute, Department of Applied Mathematics, and Central Economico-Mathematical Institute, RAS. From February 1999 Mr Treivish worked at Incorporate Bank Investment and Banking Group NIKoil. In June 2001 he became President of The East European Factoring Association (EEFA). In August 2002 he was appointed the CEO of Incorporate Bank. n April 2004 Mr Treivish was appointed Chairman of the Management Board of National Factoring Company UralsibNIKoil, the first specialised factoring company in Russia. Since October 2004 Mr Treivish is a member of the board of directors of the oldest international factoring association International Factors Group (IFG) as well as President of the East European Division of IFG. As of June 2007 he was Vice-Chairman of IFG`s board of directors. In June 2008 Mr Treivish was appointed Chairman of IFG. Mr Treivish can be considered one of the pioners in Russia`s factoring business. He is the author of over 30 books and publications. Mr Treivish has participated as a speaker in many international conferences and seminars.
Guzel Khismatullina
Business coach, director and owner of a training company Teamsoft, Kazan
Born in 1971, higher education (Kazan State University - mathematician and programmer, the Institute for Advanced Training in Education in 1993 (Department of Psychology, special training).
Professional Development:
2004, the Academy of Psychology, Business and Management, "Organizational Psychology»;
2003, International Center for Finance and Economic Development, "Strategic Planning»;
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Additional education:
2010., MBA (Graduate School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod)
2006., training "room to grow" (Moscow, school managers "Arsenal»)
2006., training on "Training of Trainers on 100%" The company "Big Break" (M.Churkina, N.Zhadko);
2004., training "personal influence and opposition to others 'influence' (lead E.VBusiness coach, director and owner of a training Teamsoft.Sidorenko company, St. Petersburg)
2003., National Academy of innovation, "the company's marketing and brand enhancement through interaction with the consumer," "Conflict Management»;
2003, Gestalt community (St. Petersburg), "Training for Trainers»;
2003, a consulting group HRC (Moscow), "Optimizing the cost of staff . Motivational approach ».

Counselling and conducting training on psycho-pedagogical and management issues from 1993 to 1999 in the educational institutions of the city of Kazan.
From 1996 to 2000 - the teaching of the course "Practical Psychology" at the Department of Applied Psychology Training Center "Eastern Gate" o Since 2000. - Deputy Director, Business Coach LLC "Your psychologist»
Since 2005 - Director of training company «TeamSoft»

training programs: «Strategic planning development of the company", "management skills", "Training of changes in the organization," "management skills", "Drayvmenedzhment", "emotional intelligence", "business talks", "Negotiations on the phone" "Sales Strategy", "Technology of effective sales", "Working with the client, client acquisition," "Team Building", "Effective work in the exhibition," "Taymmenedzhment", "Training management skills", "Stressmenedzhment."

Evgeniy Kulyushin
Head of Investment Projects Company "Broker Finance", Kazan
Head of Investment Projects Company "Broker Finance" In the company since 2011. He graduated from Kazan State Technological University (formerly - Kazan State Technological University / KSTU) in "Economics and Management". Graduated management training program for the national economy of the Russian Federation in the CFI (former KSU) in «Financial Management." Candidate of Economic Sciences. Has experience in the financial service trading company, as well as in the sector of real production (engineering). For three years he worked as research assistant SBD "Center for Advanced Economic Studies," the Academy of Sciences, which implements the investment and marketing projects. Lecturer of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship KNIT (previously - KSTU).
Ildar Ablayev
General Director, Tatar Academy of Management, Kazan
Mr. Ablayev is the author of 58 scientific publications and two monographs: State Participation in Economic Processes and Basics of State Control over Regional Economy. Mr. Ablayev is a political analyst by profession. He graduated from the Kazan State University, Baruch College of The City University of New York and the Canadian Business School at the Univeristy of Western Ontario. In 1980 Mr. Ablayev started working at the Kazan State University, Economics Department. In 1996 he was appointed Director of the Republican Center for Professional and Career Enhancement Education for Executives, which is today the Tatar Academy of Management.
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