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Successful growth and investment strategies
27 - 28 February 2008
Kazan, hotel Korston
Press release
Marchmont’s conference in Kazan
Marchmont held the second in its “Successful Growth and Investment Strategies” conference series on 27-28 February at the Korston Hotel in Kazan. Around 100 people were in attendance, from business leaders of Russian and international firms to officials from Tatarstan’s administration.
The first day of the conference, which was supported by Tatarstan’s Ministries of Economics and Industry as well as the Academy of Science, opened with introductory speeches from: Azat Fagimovich Ayupov, the republic’s Deputy Economics Ministe; Kendrick White, General Director of Marchmont Capital Partners; and Gleb Davidyuk, Managing Partner of Moscow venture fund Mint Capital.
Delegates also heard from senior managers from well-known firms including IK TatInK, ANCOR, ZAO Danaflex, ICL-KPO VS and LK Kamaz, all sharing their experiences in entering domestic and global markets. The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tatarstan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry spoke on the republic’s position on foreign trade.
Moscow-based legal firm Yakovlev and Partners, Nizhny Novgorod’s Intalev and Kazan-based Lakonix spoke on strategies for successful business development. Meanwhile speakers from the Academy of National Economy and Tatarstan Academy of Management – respectively affiliated with the republic’s government and cabinet of ministers – along with speakers from the regional investment fund spoke on investment innovation topics. Along these lines the audience also heard from Mr Yushko S.V., General Director of åðó IDEA technopark.
Ildar Ablayev, General Director the Tatarstan Academy of Management, was Master of Ceremony for the event.
The first day closed with a presentation of Kazan issue of Marchmont’s Investment Guide, our bi-lingual guide to business in the regions, due out at the end of March, followed by an informal buffet.
Round-table discussions on Tatarstan’s investment climate dominated the conference’s second day, involving representatives from the National Community of Business Angels, the Tatarstan Academy of Science and Quadriga Capital.
Day 1 – Practical aspects of business growth:

 Tools for increasing the company’s competitive ability in the market
 Development and launch of a new product
 Case study presentations: successful regional enterprises and their approach to finance raising, national and international growth
 Presentation of MARCHMONT Investment Guide in your region.

Day 2 – Successful investment strategies:

 Regional development strategies used to promote investments into Russia’s high tech and innovation sectors
 Business angels and their role
 Practical applications of finance engineering strategies used to attract growth financing for industrial enterprises
 Alternative opportunities for investment

Two-day workshop includes lunch, champagne buffet dinner, 4500 rur

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