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St. Pete eyes $1.2bn bypass city highway by 2015

16 Feb '11
Authorities in St. Petersburg have announced plans to build a $1-$1.2bn city highway with non-stop traffic to link Primorsky district with Obvodny Canal, as well as the future Western speed diameter.

Under the project, the transport corridor with no street lights and pedestrian walks is to form a non-stop traffic from Primorsky Prospect street to Orlovsky Tunnel on the right bank of the Neva river htrough Ushakovskaya, Vyborgskaya and Pirogovskaya Embankments.

After crossing the Orlovsky Tunnel to the left bank of the Neva river the cars will be able to get to Obvodny Canal and reach the Western speed diameter, currently under construction.

Under the project, the funds are to be spent on expansion of access roads, reconstruction of adjacent squares, construction of tunnels and other transport infrastructure facilities.

Construction of the city highway is scheduled to be completed by 2015.
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