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30% of gasoline returns into tank: in Ossetia, combustion products become fuel again

10 Aug '15
Young physicists at the North Ossetia State University (NOSU) in Russias Northern Caucasus have come up with a heterogeneous catalyst that helps turn the products of automotive combustion back into fuel, regional news portal reported.

An ultra-high vacuum chamber is reportedly used to process boron-molybdenum crystals into what the developers have nicknamed wonder-powder, a compound that causes carbon dioxide and water to become fuel again.

The new substance is capable of doing more than simply helping a car engine run faster and reducing energy consumption by up to three times, the project owners claim.

According to Ivan Silaev, an associate professor at NOSUs chair of condensed state physics, the North Ossetia know-how helps considerably boost car engine efficiency. 30% of gasoline returns into the tank, he said.

Word came from NOSU that the Russian Formula-1 team is interested in the Ossetian solution.
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