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Sun and wind to prevent traffic accidents on Khabarovsk highways

4 Aug '15
A number of self-contained power supply systems will be mounted along the federal highways in the Khabarovsk region in Russia’s Far East. LED lamps are expected to help reduce the incidence of traffic accidents after the sunset, portal Khabarovsk – Open City reported.

New self-contained systems may appear on the region’s transport arteries by the end of this year already, the source said. According to local authorities, as quoted by the source, the systems will be installed along the road sections notorious for their frequent traffic accidents.

To light dark sections of a highway both solar panels and wind generators will reportedly be used. At daytime, solar energy will be stored in special batteries, and released for lighting at nighttime.

Several installations are already there along a major regional highway and reported to have proved their efficacy.
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