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Car-sharing clients to pay for gas remotely

13 Sep '19
A Russian car-sharing company called Rentmee has enabled remote fuel payment at gas stations for its customers. Its partner in the project is Benzuber, a network of smart gas stations developed by another Russian company called SMART Technologies. All one needs to get gasoline is a mobile app that supports refueling services by Benzuber, Firrma.ru reported.

When the new system starts full throttle, the driver of a Rentmee vehicle won’t have to go to a cashier’s desk to pay for gasoline, and no conventional fuel card will be needed. The new mobile app will search for a gas station in the neighborhood which supports remote fuel payment.

When the driver reaches a station, he presses the “Me at station” button in the app and orders the amount of gasoline he needs. Payment will take place in the Rentmee mobile app itself, and the filling pump chosen will be on automatically.

The Benzuber system currently covers more than 185 gas station networks with an estimated 2,000 stations across 56 regions in Russia. By the end of this year the service is likely to add another 1,000 to its present smart stations.
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