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Russian company to develop software for autonomous Hyundai

12 Sep '19
A Russian company called Cognitive Pilot and Motor Mobis, a subsidiary of Koreas Hyundai, have agreed to jointly develop a software module for self-driving, Firrma.ru reported.

Cognitive Pilot, a developer of solutions for robotic vehicles, is part of Cognitive Technologies Group owned by Olga Uskova, a Russian innovative entrepreneur.

The partners want to develop software to recognize pedestrians, cars, bicycles and motorbikes on video. The software will get video feed from a camera to be placed just underneath the car windshield.

The core technology to be used in the module for a level of recognition accuracy required will be deep neural networks (DNNs). The module will be integrated in the control system of deluxe series Hyundai models.

The global market for smart automotive components is estimated at around $7bn; it grows dynamically and may reach $31bn by 2025.
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