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Time Saving Machine develops sophisticated logistics

30 Apr '19
Time Saving Machine, a Russian courier and logistics services aggregator, is developing an online express delivery platform for Russian and international companies.

What appears to be very competitive about the service is its multifunctionality enabling work with complex deliveries that require multiple routes. The service is said to be able to work successfully with very important cargos that need additional services such as packing, customs clearing, a variety of permits, etc.

The platform is already servicing a number of internationally known clients such as UPS, TNT, DHL, FedEx, Gett, Pony Express and some others. All a customer has to do is enter the service website and sign electronically a contract with Time Saving Machine which will choose for him an optimal delivery option, depending on what the customer prefers: speed or money-saving.

Earlier this spring the company raised $123,000 from the Moscow Seed Fund, the government-owned early-stage fund in the Russian capital.
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