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New industrial scanner focused on global markets

15 Oct '18
InSize, a Russian company, has developed and is offering a special industrial scanner that enables the measuring of the key parameters of goods (height, length, width, weight, etc.) of any shape.

InSize’s key competitive advantages are said to include the high speed of equipment maintenance and a very competitive price among systems used to gauge irregularly shaped items. With the Russian system, additional parameters can be taken into account when gauging goods, such as the type of material, storage conditions, allowance for one item being put inside another, etc.

“InSize will be focused on the Russian market over the following 12 months, covering an estimated market volume of $98m. If it succeeds in scaling up, we can see the opportunity for the team to enter the UK, German and U.S. markets, competing for a share of an aggregate $12bn,” said Nikita Yuryev, an investment manager at Russia’s FRII (Internet Initiatives Development Fund). The government fund earlier invested $265,000 in the company.
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