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Ural innovators market new family entertainment with see-through “soulboard”

4 Feb '13
Theater Balanced, an innovative company from the Sverdlovsk region in the Urals, has developed what it terms “soulboard,” a new type of snowboard enabling “effortless” sliding, reports the press service of the Sverdlovsk Regional Innovation Center for SME Entrepreneurship that has provided a full set of support for the project, including funding.

Using the English word “soul” in the name is reportedly meant to reflect an emotional approach to designing the new product. It is not firmly fixed and rigid like the well-known snowboard. It can move smoothly and gently and offers no stiff binding; with the innovative board design you might move your legs any way you want when sliding, the developers say.

The board is said to draw on the human body’s physiology and the ergonomics of its natural movements. It takes little or no effort to enjoy sliding, as the soulboard is ingeniously bent in all directions to add stability and maneuverability to the product. There are special grooves in the rear section of the soulboard that are assumed to enable you to “glide,” as if hopping from snow.

The size of binding, or fastening, can be easily controlled, the developers claim. Being tall or short doesn’t matter when you use the board; the innovation is said to allow for any stature between 110 and 190 centimeters, which makes it suitable for both kids and adults.

Theater Balanced has used a competitively priced Russian plastic material, which is elastic and see-through; one could embed his or her picture inside the board.

The new product is expected to hit the market later this month.

In Yekaterinburg, the main regional city, Theater Balanced is now building a sizable soul-park to include a vegetarian restaurant, elevator and soulboard jumps. Another feature that the developer hopes will attract customers is what it calls an “impromptu theater” where performances would be inspired by the phrases that visitors will pronounce.
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