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Its great watching celebrity materialize out of thin air right by you!

21 Jan '13
A St. Petersburg politician has censured municipal authorities plan to ape the Hollywood Walk of Fame in making a local Stars Alley. Dmitry Ilkovsky believes perpetuating the memory of great celebrities takes an innovative approach, and has suggested the Alley consist of nanotech-enabled 3D holographic images. North-West Russian politics portal reports the parliamentarians unorthodox idea citing Mr. Ilkovskys press service.

The city administration is primitively aping the beaten concept of perpetuating the memory of great people in asphalt, itching to seal copper stars into pavestones. Seen too much Hollywood, yeah? Ive been there, too Here, the stars on asphalt will soon get dusted and stained beyond recognition, and pooed by dogs, too, the innovation-driven politician complained.

He thinks St. Petersburg deserves something of its own, special, inventive.

For example, 3D holographic images powered by LEDs and nanotechnology. Just think of a promenade somewhere on Arts Square of Nevsky Avenue, and lo!a celebrity materializes right next to you out of thin air! the dreamer goes on.

The parliamentarian suggests that people of labor also be commemorated in a similar fashion, not just artists and actors and dancers.

And why just celebrities? Where are the people of labor? Dont we have builders, doctors, teachers, janitors and many others who have done no less for the city than bohemians? Or are they only worthy of being briefly highlighted on outdoor advertising on the eve of economic forums? exclaimed Mr. Ilkovsky.

The St. Pete authorities still have no consensus regarding the matter; nor have they decided if the future Alley will bear the names of contemporary living celebrities or of exclusively those who glorified the city in the past.
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