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Anti-Crisis PR Conference (Moscow, October 24-25, 2019)

'Work with negatives and trolling. Tactics and non-obvious strategy for government agencies'- such a master class will be conducted by the head of the Laboratory of the Community Vlad Titov at the international specialized thematic conference 'ANTI-CRISIS PR-2019: protecting reputation and working with negative', which will be held in Moscow on October 24-25.

In the master class program:
- Practice: anti-crisis communications;
- How to counteract stuffing;
- How to reduce the level of aggression
- How to translate negative into constructive;
- Counteraction to classical trolling;
- Counteraction to systematic trolling;
- Fight against haters;
- Fighting negativity in independent publics;
- Work with flood;
- Strategic tools;
- The fight against hatching;

About the speaker: Vlad Titov.
Community Laboratory Director
- Lecturer in business schools RMA, ShNM (HSE), SKOLKOVO Startup Academy;
- Author of the first course in Russia for practitioners of community management since 2012.
- Author of the Practice 'Community Management'.

- More than 18 years of work in marketing and communications;
- Expert of the jury of the contest 'Press Service of the Year';
- Moderator and speaker of Russian and foreign conferences: RIF + CIB; i-comf; RIW; Social Media Conference, PR on the Internet; Internet Week in Kazakhstan KIW; Business Internet Practice; Press service of the year and others.

The international thematic conference 'ANTI-CRISIS PR-2019: Reputation Protection and Negative Work' is a specialized forum for PR specialists, which will bring together public relations specialists from all over the country and neighboring countries to listen to expert reports and discuss the most current trends in crisis communications and find answers to important questions:
- how to prepare for crisis situations in advance,
- - how to respond to negative reviews on the Internet,
- who and how should conduct this work,
- how to properly respond to various types of crises,
- how to protect your reputation if you are bullied on the Internet,
- what is SERM and how to work with it correctly,
- How to solve reputation management issues by legal methods,
- how to avoid problems from improper behavior of employees in social networks,
- how to write PR texts in crisis situations, etc.

This year, the conference will have three parallel streams of reports - 'Anti-crisis PR', 'Reputation Management on the Internet' and a stream of thematic workshops. Participants can listen to reports on any stream and switch from stream to stream.

The event will also feature such experts in the field of public relations and reputation management as Timur Aslanov, Dmitry Sidorin, Vladimir Zaluzhsky, Andrey Lapshov, Svetlana Krylova, Masha Lukina, Roman Maslennikov, Anastasia Dzhmukhadze, Alexey Astafyev, Elizaveta Tal, Nikolai Litvinov and others.

You can view the detailed program of the conference and book participation on the website: https://clck.ru/J7oP9

The official conference venue is the Hotel Complex 'ART MOSCOW'. Hotel address: 127299, Moscow, st. Cosmonaut Volkov, 6 a (metro station 'Voikovskaya').
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