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With new Moscow quantum solution, no further phone tapping

14 Feb '18
Researchers at the Moscow Lomonosov State University (MSU) are offering their own technology shield against the breach of personal data integrity during phone calls. They have developed a quantum phone that they believe will rule out any possibility of phone tapping.

With this new phone, an encrypted signal is transmitted through a conventional channel, while a protected quantum communications solution is used to transmit encryption keys; a special key distribution server is utilized for that. This is an answer to the long-standing problem of data transfer vulnerability, the developers said, as in conventional telephony the key can be intercepted as people are talking. With the quantum communications, no such interception is possible, the team believes.

In the new approach, the keys are encoded in photons’ quantum states as they are transferred between talkers. If an offender makes an attempt to get into these states to read information, the data will change immediately, rendering the keys useless for signal decoding.

One won’t simply be able to “take a peek” at the keys transmitted via a quantum channel, the developers claim. The system would quickly identify a breach attempt by pinpointing changes in photons.

The technology has a downside, too. The speed of quantum signal transmission is low, and transmission distance is only within 100 kilometers at this stage of project development.