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Russia advances in global open data ranking

27 May '17
Russia rose to the 25th from the 41st place in the 4th edition of the World Wide Web Foundationís Open Data Barometer ranking released Thursday.

The ranking, which rates 115 countries, assesses their governmentsí readiness to disclose open data (information that is publicly available online free of charge) and the impact that dataís availability is having on business, politics and civil society, the US-Russia Business Council (USRBC) pointed out.

Russia ranked the highest among the countries of the former Soviet Union, with Estonia and Ukraine sharing the 44th place and Kazakhstan in the 59th place. The top positions were taken by the UK and Canada.

Compared to the previous ranking published in April 2016, Russia has made marked progress in the disclosure of public procurement data and criminal statistics as well as information on legal entities, environmental data and election results. It lags behind most developed countries in the publication of cartographic information, real estate data and budget expenditures, as well as in terms of the social and economic effect of disclosing government data.

Russiaís open data policy is set by the Open Data Council under the governmentís Commission for the Open Government that is chaired by Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov.
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