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Russian Internet fund ushers start-ups into media market

16 Feb '16
Russias Internet Initiatives Development Fund (FRII in Russian) has announced its new acceleration program developed jointly with leading media market players, and seeks applicants from among IT projects.

Partners in this media accelerator program include Russias Channel One, Gazprom-Media, STS Media, TASS, and Rambler&Co. FRII says it will give the partners access to almost 9,000 projects from its pre-accelerator database and will also help the media giants pick the most promising teams for solving specific technological and business problems the partners may have. The partners are expected to offer their chosen projects consulting support and help them in business development.

The media partners are interested in projects developing solutions for the automation of content production and distribution, audience preference analysis, data mining based on big data and behavioral patterns, advertising technology and multimedia content monetization (including second screen solutions). They are also interested in collection of stats to monitor how long users watched video content and TV programs, as well as video transcoding and DRM copyright protection systems.

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund was set up in March 2013 to focus on financial and expert support of web-based projects at all stages of development. It also looks for and selects start-ups for further support until they are mature enough.
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