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Russian mobile solution for business and tourism attracts EU investment

16 Feb '16
ComfortWay, a Moscow-based developer, has closed its first round of investment in its universal virtual SIM card that can provide communications according to local tariffs everywhere in the world, the Skolkovo Foundation website reported.

The company is said to have raised six million euros from a number of European telecom firms and a group of private investors. The developer wants to use the funds to expand ComfortWay operations globally.

A resident of Skolkovo, Russia’s largest innovation hub just outside Moscow, ComfortWay offers users broadband mobile Internet access for local tariffs in 105 countries, including the U.S., China, India, Thailand, Israel and the EU. Its virtual SIM card enables users to choose local tariffs using a special mobile app, and just one click is said to be required for that. This is expected to spare travelers difficulties stemming from the necessity to buy local SIM cards in each new country.

ComfortWay uses special remote SIM provisioning technology approved last year by GSMA. The technology makes it possible to use a single SIM card to directly connect to different local mobile service providers.

“The ComfortWay technology is a unique innovative product granting business people and tourists a new level of freedom in their travel. Being able to access local mobile tariffs helps users to not only save money considerably in international trips but also enjoy quality mobile Internet access across the globe,” said Igor Bogachov, the Skolkovo Foundation vice president and chief executive at Skolkovo’s IT cluster.
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