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Russian regulator endorses import substitution plan for telecom software

9 Apr '15
The Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications has endorsed its sector-focused import substitution strategy for software used in Russia, the Ministry website announced.

The new plan, signed into decree by Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, consists of three blocks, each describing key measures to be taken, timeframes, and stages of implementation.

Focus One calls for preferences for domestic IT products in federal government procurement programs. The Ministry believes this will work well in the corporate software market segments that already have a history of producing competitive Russian IT solutions. These include B2B apps, antivirus software, data security software, as well as web-based services utilized in corporate Russia.

Focus Two includes support of shared software development in the corporate software segments that have yet to improve to deliver competitive Russian IT solutions. These are client and mobile operating systems, server OS, database management systems, cloud infrastructure and virtualization management systems, and office user software.

Focus Three of the Ministrys new strategy calls for government support of domestic developers in sector-specific software market segments, such as software for manufacturing industries, for the oil and gas sector, for construction, for healthcare, for the financial sector, for transport, etc.

The federal regulator plans to raise smart money investors in software development, too. We believe that choosing a shared software development approach in partnerships with other countries, primarily the BRICS ones, is wise, Minister Nikiforov said. [BRICS is a group of five fast-developing countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.]
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