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Yota clinches contract to sell its smartphone in China

17 Feb '15
Yota Devices, a Russian manufacturer of smartphones, has found a partner to enter the Chinese market, reported East-West Digital News, citing the Russian business daily Kommersant. The partner, Potevio, is one of the largest local distributors of mobile electronics.

Over the next 18 months, Yota Devices expects to supply some 1 million units of its YotaPhone 2 smartphone to China, which accounts for one-fifth of the worlds total supply of smartphones (240 million units).

Yota Devices noted that this is one of the largest transactions for the supply of Russian high-tech equipment in the field of consumer electronics to China in history. Under terms of the contract, Potevio will also provide marketing support to the YotaPhone 2 across the country.

The YotaPhone was introduced in 2013 as Russias first 4G smartphone following two years of R&D efforts involving both Russian and foreign players. Its most touted attraction is a dual-screen that includes a low-energy, black and white e-paper display a technology which is usually seen on e-book readers such as Amazons Kindle.

Yota Devices introduced the YotaPhone 2 in December 2014, with sales launched in Russia and 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In addition to China, in the near future the YotaPhone 2 is expected to appear in Indonesia, Latin America and North America.

Yota Devices was founded in 2011. In addition to smartphones, the company produces modems and routers. Yotas headquartered in Moscow, with offices in Russia, Finland, Germany and Singapore (and soon to open in Canada, China and the U.S.).
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