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Russian anti-icing coating goes global

19 Jan '22
Foreign commercial structures became interested in the development of a start-up of the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia - TK ZhNF - a two-component anti-icing coating FORS for the housing and communal services, transport and fuel and energy sectors. In December 2021, a technology company from Saransk signed a distribution agreement for the exclusive presentation of FORS in the Republic of Belarus, and this year it plans to enter the EU market.
2021 was the year our company ended product testing and started commercial sales. In just a year, with our FORS anti-icing coating, we entered a number of Russian regions from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, as well as a large national marketplace in Kazakhstan. As for the European direction, by the beginning of the new year, plans to enter international markets, in addition to entering Belarus, were supplemented by the countries of northern Europe, supported by the interest of Finnish companies in testing the FORS anti-icing coating. In case of successful passing of all necessary tests of our product in the conditions of the Scandinavian winter, our company will have the opportunity to discuss and work out the issue of opening contract manufacturing in Finland. We heard such a desire from our partners, and for our part we will do our best to enter the European market that is interesting to us, said Mark Westberg, CEO of TK ZhNF.
Anti-icing coating is interesting not only for housing and communal services, but also for large corporations. Earlier, the FORS coating passed a number of tests at the facilities and rolling stock of several territorial subdivisions of Russian Railways and has been supplied to this Russian corporation since this year. Industrial tests of FORS continue together with the regional division of the international waste management operator Remondis in order to apply an anti-icing coating on metal containers. Recently, FORS also successfully passed tests in a laboratory accredited by PJSC Transneft. These results make it possible to start full-scale testing of the anti-icing coating from the ZhNF company at the facilities of PJSC Transneft, which is planned to be carried out this year.

Interest in the FORS anti-icing coating is due to its qualitative characteristics - it prevents the formation of ice on various surfaces and has a prolonged service life up to several seasons, which allows not only to increase the safety of the population and workers in the winter period, but also to reduce the costs of service organizations for roof de-icing work.


Startup Technology Company ZhNF (LLC TK ZhNF, www.fors-rm.ru) is a project company of the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia (part of the FIOP RUSNANO investment network), established in 2013. Company activities is focused on the development and production of new paints and varnishes and other materials with desired properties for coating various surfaces:

anti-icing paints,
interior and facade paints resistant to washing,
antistatic paints,
other paints and varnishes with improved performance.

The company's products are protected in the know-how mode, in 2022 it is planned to obtain a patent. The products of the company TK ZhNF were included in the list of winners of the competition The Best Goods of Mordovia and participate in the All-Russian competition of the Program 100 Best Goods of Russia. Product safety is confirmed by a declaration of conformity with the technical regulations, a safety data sheet for chemical products and a fire safety test report obtained in cooperation with ANO Nanocertifica.
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