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New transformer crane unloads fast and weighs little

10 Aug '21
VPK-Engineering has been a resident of Zhigulevskaya Dolina since 2019 and is engaged in the manufacture and supply of spare parts for technological equipment, the manufacture of medium-sized metal structures and metal products, as well as metalworking and repair of metal products.

The own metalworking workshop VPK-Engineering is equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform a wide range of services related to metal processing: turning and milling work, stainless steel work, production of parts and spare parts for mechanical engineering, all types of welding and small-scale production.

As a resident of the technopark, the company is engaged in the creation and development of the Optimus automobile transformer crane for prompt loading and unloading of goods weighing up to 1 ton. The crane is distinguished by its ergonomics, lightness, energy independence and a relatively inexpensive price among analogues.
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