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Non-contact disinfection, temperature measurement and access control in one device

18 Jun '21
The innovative Russian enterprise REDROLLER LLC is engaged in the development and creation of software and hardware systems for remote collection of data on the health status of patients under the Telemedicine program, which includes a series of non-contact industrial sanitizers.

The director of the REDROLLER company Andrey Ochkasov spoke in more detail about the development of his team:
“Our sanitizer with pyrometer module can be used anywhere with a large crowd of people - in clinics, shopping centers, schools, etc. The sanitizer sprays disinfectant when the palms are in the spray area, which allows for a high-quality treatment of the surfaces of the hands without contact with equipment. This method is relevant today, as it greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection of the population. Simultaneously with this process, the pyrometer carries out instant non-contact measurement of the user's temperature at a distance of 10 to 120 cm, with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C. If the biometrics of the user is entered into the database, the equipment identifies the user and, in the event of an elevated temperature, notifies the responsible persons of the organization and blocks the passage in case of connection to the turnstile.

The equipment is also equipped with a GSM-module, which serves for remote setting, checking modes and statistics, as well as notifying the operator when there is a minimum remaining solution in the tank.

All our products are made by highly qualified personnel, in our own production using modern high-tech equipment. Currently, the enterprise's capacities are concentrated on two production sites located in Togliatti.”

The nearest plans include the production of a unique hardware complex for the provision of remote medical care under the Telemedicine program.
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