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High-tech company launches production of tracked kits for motorbikes

9 Feb '21
The Snowbike company, which is a resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina high-tech technopark and the Skolkovo technopark, specializes in small-sized electric tracked vehicles: snowmobiles, sandmobiles, tugs for small aircraft, etc. Developers' products are in demand in Samara region, and some copies were exported.

Governor Dmitry Azarov supports the creation of a favorable business environment in the Samara region. Conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and an increase in the volume of exported products of local producers in the region are created within the framework of the implementation of the national projects Small and Medium Enterprises and International Cooperation and Export.

The dynamic development of the technopark site and the projects of residents is under the personal control of Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region.
The unique developments of the innovators of the Samara region and the developed infrastructure to support high-tech entrepreneurship allow our region to be considered an advanced one, the minister said. We are always ready to support the residents of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark, to provide the necessary assistance at all stages of their projects, including helping with the search for investors.
As the head of the company Maxim Gnedov says, in 2015, when the innovative startup just started its work, the inventors had no competitors in Russia.
Recently, competitors have appeared, but we have Russian and foreign patents for our designs. So, we have patented the use of a wheel motor to rotate the track. Our development helps to organize the tracked chassis more efficiently: to optimize the frame geometry, to get rid of the gearbox, chains, making the design cheaper and simpler, making it more efficient, explained the innovator.
In 2020, the company Snowbike has launched a small-scale production of tracked kits for motorcycles - today 10 units are produced per month. The rest of the products are made only to order. The equipment of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina resident is of interest to fishermen and hunters, many people buy ATVs for outdoor activities.
These are mainly individuals, patrol and delivery organizations. We take an active part in the Army Forum, and the military also showed great interest in technology, said Maxim Gnedov.
The company actively uses support measures given by the status of a resident of technoparks at regional and federal levels. This, in particular, the micro-grant program, tax incentives, as well as interaction with other residents in order to exchange experience and find common ground for joint activities.
We use the services of the Regional Engineering Center, which operates at the Zhigulevskaya Dolina site. Today RCI specialists help us with the design documentation to put our project in order, - said the development engineer.
Today, unique devices are created in a small workshop in the basement. This year, the innovators are planning to move to a spacious building, launch a series production of snowmobiles, and also increase the production of tracked kits 2-3 times, up to 150 units per year.
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