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Cryotherapy helps rehabilitate COVID-exposed physicians

22 Jan '21
Today, healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, risking their lives every day to save patients' health. The resident of Zhigulevskaya Dolina LLC MC Vitalong - Cold Clinic has developed a unique free rehabilitation program for doctors working in the red zone.

The company Vitalong - Clinic of Cold is a unique medical institution of an outpatient-polyclinic type, where a method of treatment and prevention of diseases using cryotechnology has been developed and successfully applied. The medical center has many awards and innovative patents and is known not only in the Samara region, but throughout Russia. Also, the Vitalong-Cold Clinic Medical Center was noted at the World Congress on Cryosurgery as the only medical institution in the world dealing with cryotherapy in pediatrics.

Lyubov Palchikova, director of the Vitalong - Cold Clinic Medical Center, spoke in more detail about the rehabilitation method:
In collaboration with resuscitation doctors, we have created an effective algorithm for recovering the body after suffering COVID-19. The entire rehabilitation program is based on physiotherapy. In the first place is the cryochamber. The use of ultra-low temperatures in the complex treatment of various diseases gives a unique effect: restructuring of the immune system, destruction of the pathological focus of inflammation, regeneration and restoration of the normal mucous membrane of the pharynx and lymphoid formations. Against the background of a cryosauna, carboxytherapy is also prescribed, which helps to oxygenate the tissues, has a very good resorbing, anti-inflammatory effect. And, of course, the program includes magnetophoresis, an apparatus for expanding the volume of the lungs ORMED-KINESO, as well as intravenous laser blood irradiation. The complex of treatment procedures is selected individually for each patient of our clinic in order to achieve the maximum effect, added Lyubov Albertovna.
The rehabilitation program is very popular among Togliatti doctors - since November 2020, it has helped to recover more than 40 health workers.
Thanks to our residency in the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark, we were able to obtain five patents for our innovative inventions and government funding to promote our project. We also actively use the opportunities provided by the technopark to participate in various conferences, including interregional, preferential use of premises and conference halls for our events. The most important thing is constant interaction and a sense of community, which is especially important in such a difficult period - with any question I can contact the management of the technopark, lawyers or my accompanying project manager and I will always receive feedback and help, said Lyubov Palchikova.
Director of GAU CEC SO, Technopark Zhigulevskaya Dolina Alexander Sergienko:
The residents of our technopark, even during a pandemic, try to create relevant products for the health of the region's residents. In the context of the current situation, when strengthening immunity and restoring health comes to the fore, such projects are more significant and useful than ever, therefore we try to provide maximum support to residents in the development of their business.

The Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark follows the innovation leadership strategy set by the Governor Dmitry Azarov. A modern ecosystem has been created here, points of growth have been formed that support the process of innovation: the children's technopark Quantorium-63, a business incubator, a technopark, a unique Regional Engineering Center. For the convenience of residents, the largest in the region Congress Center, hotel, restaurant and fitness center are located within the perimeter of the technopark. The regional office of the Innovation Promotion Fund is actively working in Zhigulevskaya Dolina. The Technopark has the status of a regional operator of the Skolkovo Fund and is a partner of the Samara Region Innovation Fund. The created innovation support ecosystem, supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the region with the constant participation of Minister Dmitry Bogdanov, significantly expands the opportunities for our residents.
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