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Road safety system gets government funding

10 Dec '20
Within 5 years, more than a thousand vehicles will appear on the country's roads, preventing potential road accidents in real time, according to the Kazan company Avtodoria.

On November 6, the Innovation Promotion Fund announced the winners of the sixth stage of the Development-NTI competition. Among the winners was the development of Avtodoria Hive, the project, recommended for financing, was presented by Anton Kukhovarenko, Director of Innovations at Avtodoria.

Hive is a system consisting of many interconnected vehicles that assess traffic while moving. The system in real time, literally in the traffic flow, transmits data not only about violations, but also dangerous sections of the road, the state of the road infrastructure and incidents.

Hive includes a whole complex of safety research both from the point of view of traffic assessment, as well as the construction of a predictive and recommendatory system. The system will also use information from existing cameras to predict dangerous situations on the road and at the same time recommend specific actions to eliminate them.
We are introducing a new coordinate for measuring dangerous road sections - time. Everyone is accustomed to assessing road safety in sections, measuring them only in kilometers. But the risk of an accident at the same kilometer varies throughout the day, taking into account many factors: weather conditions, traffic jams, a set of traffic accident violations by different drivers. It would seem that a coincidence of coincidences, and a safe section of the road turns into a place of concentration of road accidents. Our system allows you to assess the dynamic risk of a hazardous area. We can determine not only a dangerous kilometer, but also a dangerous period of time on a specific section of the road- said Anton Kukhovarenko.
The system is currently at the development stage. The company plans to develop and certify the system in 2021. And by 2026, at least a thousand cars will appear on the roads of the country, united in the Hive system.
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