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Russian developer rolls out its remote ECG decoding system

10 Dec '20
NIMP ESN (a Skolkovo resident) installed its Myocard-12 system at Crocus Expo. The system includes equipment and a computer program for automatic ECG decoding using artificial intelligence. The software developed by NIMP ESN describes electrocardiograms with high accuracy - up to 99.9%.

However, in accordance with Russian law, it is not yet possible to completely entrust such an important matter to a computer, therefore the functional diagnostics doctor gives the final conclusion. The doctor describing the ECG is in the clean area, and those who record the ECG (or, more simply, take it off) are in the red area (these are, first of all, the receiving boxes and the intensive care unit).

With such an organization of work, there is no need to carry an ECG on paper from a dirty zone to a clean one and vice versa: the conclusion becomes available in a couple of minutes in digital form, getting into the network storage to which doctors of all departments are connected. The innovation relieves some doctors from the need to once again enter the red zone and significantly speeds up the process of examining patients, since with the help of computer analysis the attending physician can quickly assess the dynamics and promptly refer the patient to a cardiac intensive care unit or a specialized clinic.
We have been engaged in telemedicine for many years, says Anton Epifanov, a representative of NIMP ESN. The first unified ECG archive was created in 2003 in Sarov, where our company is located. This is an ECG storage, where data from all registration sites are collected and to which the hospital emergency room, ambulance, therapists and cardiologists are connected. Since then, we have been constantly developing this system and have already launched it in several regions, as well as in large medical centers in Moscow. With the COVID-19 pandemic, when red zones appeared in hospitals, the topic became even more relevant and the demand for the digital system for remote ECG description Myocard-12 increased.
No wonder, After all, ECG monitoring in patients with covid is very important, emphasizes the leading scientific editor of Vrachu.ru, Honored Doctor of Russia Mikhail Kagan:
Even with flu, more patients die from cardiovascular causes than from influenza pneumonia. In the covid pandemic, cardiovascular complications have become one of the main causes of death among people over 65, especially those with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disease, arrhythmias. And the coronavirus infection itself can lead to arrhythmias and even myocardial infarction. Respiratory failure and a decrease in the oxygen content in the blood increase the load on the heart. In addition, direct damage to the heart muscle by coronavirus or indirect damage due to a systemic inflammatory response and increased blood clot formation is possible. Not the least role is played by stress caused by covid, which can exacerbate existing cardiovascular diseases. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have potential cardiotoxicity, which are widely used in the treatment of COVID-19, which, in turn, is fraught with the development of dangerous arrhythmias.
Computer analysis, which is carried out by Myocard-12, just allows you to track the cardiopathology, characteristic of patients with covid. Already at the stage of ECG registration, the program notifies about the unfavorable development of events, displaying a cito mark on the screen and an instruction to the nurse to urgently send the received data to the functional diagnostics doctor. The computer program helps the doctor to analyze the ECG better. And the whole system Myocard-12 is a real find for regional medicine, since it allows registering ECGs at feldsher-obstetric points on the spot, and describing them in large medical centers or cardiological clinics, where doctors can provide more qualified assistance to patients.
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