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Covid-19 complications rehab program developed in Russia

23 Oct '20
Coronavirus infection is a poorly understood, insidious disease. Often, its course is difficult, but even those patients who managed to survive Covid-19 “on their feet” are not immune from long-term consequences. The resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark, Vitalong-Cold Clinic LLC, continues to actively participate in the fight against the pandemic.

The clinic's specialists have developed a unique rehabilitation program after suffering pneumonia as part of the development of their project “Method of immunomodulatory, regenerative and general metabolic cryotherapy for diseases”. During the observation of patients who underwent coronavirus, the most common complications of coronavirus infection that doctors face today were identified: pulmonary fibrosis, viral myocarditis, liver damage, anosmia, inflammation of nerve endings, weakening of the immune system.
“Also, most coronavirus survivors have a characteristic frosted glass pattern of pulmonary pattern. The respiratory organs can recover for a long time. It is for such patients that our team has developed a unique rehabilitation system after suffering pneumonia”, - said the director of the center, Lyubov Palchikova. “Today, our clinic is one of the few in Russia that offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program for patients who have undergone Covid-19.”
The entire rehabilitation program is based on physiotherapy. In the first place is the cryochamber. The use of ultra-low temperatures in the complex treatment of various diseases gives a unique effect: restructuring of the immune system, destruction of a pathological focus of inflammation, regeneration and restoration of the normal mucous membrane of the pharynx and lymphoid formations. Against the background of a cryosauna, carboxytherapy is also prescribed, which helps to oxygenate the tissues, has a very good resorbing, anti-inflammatory effect.

The next point of rehabilitation is to work with patients on a special apparatus that improves blood circulation and chest mobility, removes blocks from nerve fibers, and then magnetophoresis is included in the program. This treatment has a powerful anti-inflammatory and resorption effect. The duration of the restorative course depends on many factors: the severity of complications after the disease, concomitant chronic diseases, the patient's age and other factors.
“The rehabilitation program has already successfully proven itself in working with patients of various age categories, including older people. Take care of yourself, try to observe all precautions, do breathing exercises at home and avoid large crowds,” Lyubov Palchikova called on the Togliatti residents.
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