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Durable anti-icing paint showcased and found suitable for historical buildings facelift

3 Sep '20
Thermal insulating paint, special anti-icing coating and other products required in housing and communal services were presented by the Nanocenter of Mordovia.

The innovative products were developed and produced by the startups of the nanocenter - Lembe LLC and the ZhNF Technology Company. The interest in it on the part of the managers of the overhaul funds is due to its high operational and economic characteristics. The Force coatings supplied by the start-up TC ZhNF are distinguished by pronounced anti-icing properties, as well as a long service life (at least a year) at an attractive price of the product. This allows residential and public service businesses to save significant money on eaves de-icing. Heat insulating paint Lembe allows you to quickly insulate complex surfaces without the construction of complex or heavy structures on the facades of houses, applying paint with a simple roller or spray. With such a quick and simple method of installing thermal insulation, companies save not only on work, but also due to the absence of the need for external protection of thermal insulation. In addition, the central parts of many cities (such as Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, etc.) are built up with residential buildings of historical value that cannot be insulated using traditional methods. In such cities the heat-insulating paint Lembe is simply irreplaceable.

Agreements on the identification of pilot facilities for the use of the products of startups Lembe and TC ZhNF have been reached with a number of regions of the European part of Russia and the Ural region. Anti-icing coating Force and heat-insulating paint Lembe are planned to be tested in the coming months in Ulyanovsk, Ryazan, Kursk, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad and other regions. An agreement was also reached with the Fund for Overhaul of the Moscow Region to hold a separate meeting to discuss the use of a wide range of innovative products from startups of the Mordovian Nanocenter.
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