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Taking biotech company from ground to success - interview

30 Jun '20
Inbio Lab LLC is a biotechnology company whose main focus is the development of products and services in the field of medicine and healthcare. The company is a resident of the Zhiguli Valley and bases its production sites on the territory of the technopark.

The company was founded by three students of Samara State University - Ivan Tyumin, Nikita Kazarin and Dmitry Perepelitsa, who in different years became winners of the Innovation Assistance Fund competition under the UMNIK program and received grants of 500 thousand rubles.

Nikita Kazarin, co-founder and executive director of the biotechnological company Inbio LaB, spoke about how the pandemic affects the development of new ideas:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, our company launched a new innovative product on the market: a spray for the prevention of viral and bacterial infections - Lactospray. The product is based on cultures of live lactobacilli, which form a biofilm and interfere with the fixation of the virus on the mucous membranes. At the moment, clinical testing of the product is underway at the clinics of Samara State Medical University and the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V. D. Seredavin.

Thanks to the Fund and the UMNIK contest, our projects have gone from an idea to a finished product. The fund helped pack our projects in terms of investment attractiveness. Fund experts are always ready to answer and give feedback on the project. Submit applications for Innovation Support Fund competitions and join the Russian Innovation Community!
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