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Robotic “surgeon” to undergo testing in Russia

18 Jun '20
Scientists at Innopolis University, together with the Kazan Electrotechnical Plant (KETZ), are developing a medical robot surgeon.

Its pilot tests are planned to be carried out in one and a half to two years, TASS was told by the head of the Laboratory of Mechatronics, Control and Prototyping, which is part of the NTI Competence Center in the direction of Technology of Components of Robotics and Mechatronics, based on Innopolis University Igor Gaponov.

KETZ began to create a robot in July 2019, Innopolis University joined the project in 2020. At the moment, a prototype of all nodes, technical documentation and software (software) are already ready. Specialists of the IT university will develop software for the server part of the medical robotic complex.
“We need to conduct a preliminary analysis of all risks and take them into account when planning the software architecture, as well as during its development. The program should transmit high-resolution video (up to 4K) to the screen in front of the surgeon with a delay of no more than 40 milliseconds, contain an intuitive user interface. In Russia, there were no precedents for the successful certification of full-fledged surgical robots, so the development of such software is a unique task,” said the scientist.
The robotic complex is located at the operating table, and the operating doctor monitors the operation on the screen and remotely controls the manipulators with the help of joysticks with buttons and pedals, there are five in all. The pedals switch control between the arms of the robot. The surgeon can simultaneously control four robotic arms with tools: video cameras, needle holders, scissors with coagulation, clamps.

According to experts at Innopolis University and KETZ, pilot trials will begin in one and a half to two years. The project’s scientific consultant is the chief urologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Pushkar. The main task of the developers of a Russian IT university is to think over the software that will keep a detailed operation log: where were the robots at any given time, what commands were given, what tools the doctor chose, how many times reusable tools were used.

About University

Innopolis University
specializes in education, research and development in the field of information technology and robotics. The university operates according to a model unique for Russia, combining education, science and business. Today, 261 research and teaching staff from 24 countries with experience in the global IT industry work there, more than 770 students from 37 countries study 181 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. In the category of “Joint international scientific publications” of the global ranking U-Multirank, Innopolis University takes eighth place.

Innopolis is a city in Tatarstan, the construction of which began in 2012, after three years the opening took place. In 2012, a special economic zone was created there by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. Tatarstan authorities are developing Innopolis as a center of attraction for IT companies.
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