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Russian construction robot erects a house in a week

16 Jun '20
3D-printed homes are no longer rare. However, they all use technologies that require labor and significantly limit architects in the size of their homes. Russian researchers from Innopolis University have created a system devoid of all the shortcomings of foreign analogues.

The new method was developed by the engineers of the Competence Center of the National Technological Initiative in the direction “Technologies of components of robotics and mechatronics”. According to them, foreign analogues use the following options: either a 3D printer needs to be constantly moved around the construction site, or it is a giant portal-type robot that builds a house inside itself. The main problem of such devices is that they cannot be scaled, so you have to adapt to their size. The Russian system belongs to the cable system and is devoid of these shortcomings.
“Its use reduces the time of work and the number of people at the construction site, because a team of workers is no longer required. According to our calculations, a two-story house with an area of ​​15 by 15 meters will be built by a cable robot in a week, ”says Alexander Maloletov from Innopolis University.
The cable system does not limit the area of ​​the building. To increase the size you just need to lengthen the towers and winches with cables. The device uses a special gypsum-based building mixture, which is produced in Ufa. The maximum height of the building so far does not exceed 8 meters, however, in the future structures can be significantly larger.

It is reported that a fully-ready robot builder will be presented by 2022.
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