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New technologies enable construction of light aircraft

16 Jun '20
A resident of the technopark Zhigulevskaya Valley LLC SILVER WINGS conducted flight design tests of the new aircraft SK-01. This is the first aircraft of the installation batch, the main elements of the fuselage structure of which are made in matrix rigging.

The director of the company Valery Andreev said about what the new technology is like:
“The aircraft is made from composite materials - fiberglass and mixed construction. After creating the mathematical model of the airframe, the snap-in of the matrix for the parts is made, then they are glued in the matrices under vacuum. This is precisely the feature of production from composite materials. Flight design tests are the next stage in the development of the project for the creation of the SK-01 aircraft for carrying out aircraft chemical work. It all started with the creation of a project concept, then we implemented it in a prototype. After making the necessary improvements, today, using matrix equipment, they released the first sample and tested it. The use of this material will reduce the complexity of manufacturing, the amount of material used and, as a consequence, the cost of the product. Matrix equipment is convenient for small-scale production. We plan to attract several experienced chemical pilots to the next stage of the tests, since we need additional information for the development of the project in the chemical industry. ”
The aircraft is based at Bobrovka airfield in the Samara Region.

Recall, a resident of the Zhiguli Valley LLC SILVER WINGS is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in the field of small aviation. The main activities of the enterprise are the design, manufacture of aircraft for various purposes, flight training of pilots, training in the maintenance of aircraft, as well as the sale of manufactured products. Like all residents of the technopark, the company operates with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment of the Samara Region.

Currently, the company produces the Corvette lightweight amphibious seaplane and its modifications, the Cicada-M two-seater general purpose aircraft and its modification for aerochemistry, as well as the specialized SK-01 aircraft, which are in great demand throughout Russia . Light aircraft are used in such areas as aerial photography, air monitoring, fire fighting, aerochemistry, the work of the Ministry of Emergencies, pilot training, tourism, recreation, entertainment, etc.
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