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New contactless device “sees” through human tissues

11 Jun '19
Researchers at BioPhysMed-NN, a private company in Nizhny Novgorod, in the mid-Volga area, have developed a device that is said to be able to help diagnose one’s damaged tissues. What appears to beat much of the existing competition is the ability of the instrument to “see” a damaged area from a distance, even through bandage or clothes. No physical contact with the body is required.

According to Dr. Andrey Martusevich who heads the company, it’s microwave sounding that is at the heart of the development. Unlike conventional methods, such as X-ray or ultrasound, the technology helps pierce through any material, including those on heavily burned skin areas. Early diagnostics of melanoma (a skin tumor) is also possible. Prospective use of the technology may include cosmetic applications.

The developer says that at this early stage of project development the technology enables a depth of reach up to 3cm below the skin surface. According to Dr. Martusevich, there’s “no analog elsewhere in the world.”