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Young Russian developers present biodegradable stent

13 Nov '18
A six-year-old team in Ulyanovsk, Modern Technologies Innovative Company, has developed a prototype of a biodegradable endovascular implant that can replace metallic ones in atherosclerosis surgery, online business magazine Invest Foresight reported.

The idea is that, after the patient undergoes treatment that clears their vessel from the atherosclerotic plaque, the implant also dissolves without a trace, while a metallic stent is implanted into the vessel and remains in the body forever, causing further vasoconstriction, explained Vladislav Shchepochkin, the co-owner and technical director of the medical company.

The developers have obtained eight patents for the invention, including those for the material and the stent delivery method. Preclinical trials on animals, chinchillas and pigs, are underway in a special laboratory in Shanghai, China. A similar center has recently opened in Perm; perhaps tests will be also conducted there.

The implants developed by the company are made of a polymer with an undisclosed chemical composition. Their manufacture is outsourced to subcontractors in the U.S. and Germany. The stents are inserted through an opening in the artery and delivered to where the plaque is located. Each implant is individually made, because different patients have different vessels. After 12 months, the bio-implants dilate the blood vessels and dissolve.

“Foreign companies offer similar implants for small coronary vessels, but without shape memory. Our device with shape memory expands in the bloodstream under the influence of the blood temperature, without any balloon catheter,” Mr. Shchepochkin said.

In 2022, Modern Technologies expects to receive FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval and take over 0.5% of the global market for stents in the first year of sales.

As many as 714.5 million people in the world suffer from cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis in particular. About six million surgeries are performed on vessels and arteries each year, and each year 17.5 million patients die from the diseases.
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