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Yandex appears to take on autonomous driving in earnest

16 Feb '17
Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company and search engine, appears to be diversifying to focus also on driverless vehicles development. To pursue this yet unannounced goal the company is hiring an R&D specialist in this field, portal Firrma.ru reported.

One to fill the new position (posted on the Yandex website) will be expected to focus on sensor fusion, analyzing data from cams, lidars, radars, etc., and the development of solutions for road sign and traffic light recognition, including recognition of other vehicles on the road and pedestrians. The new job also calls for modeling and vehicle movement simulation, as well as vehicle control in maneuvering.

Yandex emphasizes that the company wants to make traffic safer, more accessible, and more comfortable, and seeks to join the world leaders in autonomous driving tech.

Firrma requested Yandex for more detail and got an answer that the Internet giant “is indeed working in this direction,” declining though to provide any further explanation.

Last year Yandex leaked its initial plans to start work on artificial intelligence for the KamAZ trucks (Russia’s most advanced truck brand based in Tatarstan, in the mid-Volga area), with a specific focus on voice control for the truck’s multimedia system and its integration with mobile devices. Its current plans include the creation of very accurate maps and solutions for semiautonomous trucks, including computer vision, machine learning, and speech technology.
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