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Skolkovo unites Internet of Things players

24 Mar '16
Russia’s Internet of Things Players Association has been set up as part of the Skolkovo innovation hub project. The alliance brings together developers of IoT solutions, telecom operators, and equipment makers and integrators, the Skolkovo Foundation announced.

One of the first decisions the new Association has made included the development of a priority list of R&D directions and a proposal for IoT standardization both domestically and internationally.

“The Association was set up because the necessity to pool efforts in the field was so obvious. One individual or one company is just unable to solve all the problems the sector faces in Russia and abroad. The integrated platform will help unite the players in this single, yet only developing market,” said Alexander Anufrienko, the head of the Association who also leads the IoT related division at Skolkovo.

He added that the current Association members are “big and small companies focused on developing solutions for security, “smart home,” construction, and other areas. Universities also support us.”
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