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Saratov offers new household waste recycling technique

10 Jan '17
Scientists in Saratov, in the Lower Volga area, have come up with a new method of obtaining useful raw materials from household waste. What they developed last year is a pyrolysis system, enabling a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen, in which special thermal shock is used to process waste.

According to the source, applying the method to recycling, say, printed circuit boards leads to getting metal scrap, i. e. particles of nonferrous and precious metals; processing animal bones produces biological hydroxyapatite, a major component and an essential ingredient of normal bone and teeth already used in medicine and in water purification.

Russia’s Bortnik Fund supported the effort with a grant to help the researchers, led by Alexander Pivovarov, PhD, make necessary equipment samples, fine-tune the technology, and have their IP registered for use in a special new company they were setting up.