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Competitive and multipurpose paint developed in Russia

2 Mar '16
Multifunctional Coatings, an innovative company based in Mordovia, in the mid-Volga area, is developing paint and varnish materials that are said to possess a rare combination of rust-resistant and hydrophobic properties. The developer is a portfolio company of the Republic of Mordovia’s Nanotech and Nanomaterials Center.

The company is reported to have recently completed a round of testing for its new product in the labs of the Moscow State Civil Engineering University. Determining strong hydrophobicity in the material is considered the main result of the testing.

Russian manufacturers seldom offer the domestic market paint and varnish materials that display both rust-resistant and hydrophobic properties. Similar products made overseas currently account for an overwhelming 90% of the Russian market and sell locally at a barely affordable $30-60 per kilo—reportedly four-to-eight times more expensive than the new Mordovian product under development.

“Hydrophobicity found in our material will prevent the formation of water condensate, thus keeping a coated structure from icing as well. Most paint and varnish coatings produced in Russia offer nothing but corrosion protection. This property is great in a mild climate zone with soft winters, but is hardly enough in polar conditions. Our product will be used to coat metal structures in Russia’s North and regions with maritime climate where protecting infrastructure and industrial projects against icing and atmospheric corrosion is critical,” Multifunctional Coatings CEO Maxim Chepezubov said.

The chemical modification of traditional materials has changed the properties of the new coating, while keeping methods of its application as they always were, the source said.

A production line is reportedly being set up in Mordovia’s central city of Saransk, in its Technopark Mordovia, to launch by mid-2016 the manufacture of up to 10 tons of hydrophobic paint a month, with the possibility to boost production later on to 80-100 tons a month.

Multifunctional Coatings has been in talks over possible supply contracts with industrial companies that operate in trans-polar conditions.
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