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Ultra-early cancer diagnostics development under way in Siberia

2 Sep '14
EpiJin, a portfolio company of the Sygma.Novosibirsk nanotech center in Siberia, is working to market a new technology that is believed to enable any municipal clinic to diagnose cancer at extremely early stages, the Rusnano website reported.

SibEnzyme, a Novosibirsk-based biotech company, has partnered up with EpiJin to do scientific research for the project. The partners believe the new test system will hit the market “within the next three years.” According to EpiJin estimates, the system will cost an end customer less than $55 apiece.

At the heart of the ultra-early cancer diagnostics technique is a method of analyzing the DNA molecule. Scientists know that a malignant tumor won’t grow as long as some specific oncosuppressing genes are active, because the latter inhibit cancerous development. Once these genes are ‘off’, physicians can pinpoint the start of oncogenic processes.

The new technology is reported to enable cancer diagnostics by looking at just a few DNA molecules. It will take a doctor four-to-six hours to obtain a result, and most importantly, the doctor won’t need any special equipment—the standard equipment available at any government-subsidized clinic will do, and no special training to use the test system is required.
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