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Novosibirsk physicists put together boron neutron capture system to fight cancer

27 Nov '13
Scientists at Novosibirsk’s Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics are developing a system for boron neutron capture treatment of cancer assumed to be effective in brain cancer therapy, reported, citing a statement by Gennady Kulipanov, the deputy CEO of the Institute.

The boron neutron capture method is based on reactions that occur between neutrons and y-tracers. The y-tracers, primarily boron-based, accumulate in tumor cells. The tumor is then irradiated with neutron beams.

The boron atom absorbs the neutron, triggering a reaction that releases a huge amount of energy, thus killing the cancerous cells.

“Boron neutron capture therapy is a promising method; we have tested it on big reactors during experiments, and testing continues to make it possible for each large hospital to have it in future,” Mr. Kulipanov said.

Also, the Institute has developed a project aimed at “treating cancer using protons and cooled carbon ion beams.”
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