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Siberian innovator develops brand new technology to create special materials

19 Nov '13
Vortex Technologies Center (VTC), a Novosibirsk-based company in Siberia, has developed a vortex reactor which is said to be able to mix liquids in weightlessness, Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported, citing a statement by VTC CEO Yuri Ramazanov.

In the state of weightlessness with its microgravity, any liquid takes the shape of a ball with a bubble inside, and no existing method enables its mixing. Applying vortex technology makes it possible, the developer said.

We have tamed the tornado and can now create one of any given power to mix materials, Mr. Ramazanov explained.

According to the CEO, the new invention not only opens new horizons in long-range space missions but also paves the way for the development of new materials with unique properties.

In weightlessness, we could get products and materials with properties which are completely different from those we have on earth. Processes go very differently if theres no gravity. Our product has a wide range of practical applications. For example, polymerization in space could help create materials that would cool you in scorching heat and warm you in freezing cold, Mr. Ramazanov said.

The Siberian company earlier developed a vortex aqua-reactor to grow seaweeds and fodder protein.
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