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Vladivostok’s submersible robots world’s 3rd after US’ RoboSub 2013

2 Aug '13
A robotics team from Vladivostok-based Far East Federal University (FEFU) took the third prize at an annual global competition for self-contained submersibles in San Diego, CA, the university press center announced earlier this week.

“The RoboSub 2013 competition brought together 30 teams representing, inter alia, the world’s leading universities of technology from the U.S., India, Israel, Sweden, Canada, Spain, China, Turkey, and Singapore,” FEFU said.

The robots designed and built by the young Vladivostok scientists were given the task of accomplishing a certain underwater mission completely on their own, without any human command from the seashore.

“RoboSub provides a perfect platform to showcase newest solutions and have them adopted by international manufacturing companies. The official sponsor of the competition was the Pentagon’s naval research authority, emphasizing the importance of the event. Some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies and developers of underwater networks and sea-borne technologies also backed the tournament as sponsors,” FEFU further explained.

Last year, the FEFU team debuted in international competitions with its self-contained submersibles and joined the world’s top five right out of the gate. Earlier this year, in March, the FEFU robot developers came out on top in Singapore’s Asian Open.
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